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11 Fashion Trends You Need to Know If You Want to Keep Up With iGen

Time passes by and new generations always bring their own fresh point of view and new criteria for what’s cool. Obviously, that involves new clothing styles as well. The youngsters born in the period starting from 1996 belong to the so-called iGen — or Generation Z, Centennials — and have brought us a strong clothing style that distinguishes them distinctly from Millennials.

5-Minute Crafts is here to help you keep up with the new trends and see what it takes to look iGen.

1. A middle part

The middle part is one of the iGen’s most defining trends. The TikTok generation is all about middle parts, because they think that it gives balance to the face and that the Millennial’s beloved side-part makes you look older. So go get your comb and make sure you part your hair in the center of your scalp.

2. Tiny sunglasses

The new sunglasses trend has returned from the ’90s — tiny sunglasses. Celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid and other young trendsetters are making these sunglasses an important element of their street style. But the good news is that you can make it work with lots of different looks: from an urban look to a bossy one.

3. Bucket hats

Although people a couple of years ago used to consider the bucket hat a rather ugly summer accessory, fashion trends are constantly evolving. This type of hat is actually the hottest trend right now. Spice up your summer look with this casual and chic addition that is really popular with many celebrities, including the iGen singer and Netflix actress, Danna Paola.

4. Cutouts

We couldn’t help but mention the chic fashion trend for summer 2022 — cutouts. They can be in a mini dress, a swimsuit, a tank top, or anywhere you like. Side cutouts are especially hot right now. With the variety of choice the cutouts offer, the iGen influencers can already be seen in their own unique outfits that have cutouts.

5. Corsets

The corset is a clothing item that was used centuries ago, but it looks like it’s making a comeback. The iGen fashion allows matching the corset with garments that seem incompatible at first — from baggy jeans to a maxi skirt. Basically, choose the look you prefer and you’re cool.

6. Sultry knitted pieces

If you ask Centennials, knitwear can work all year long, not just in winter. The fashionable iGen girls seem to enjoy wearing knitted cutout dresses, crochet tops, and shorts that can actually reveal some skin. Bold patterns and colors are welcome too.

7. Same clothing style for him, her, and them

The rise of gender-fluid fashion can be interpreted in various ways. iGen wears unisex clothes because they prioritize comfort or because this type of clothing allows them to feel free wearing whatever they like, no matter their gender. For some members of iGen, wearing gender-fluid garments is a great option to express their own individuality. If it makes you happy, then just go for it.

8. Baggy jeans

One of the basics of Millennial fashion includes skinny jeans because it makes your body look more appealing. Despite the fact that the reign of skinny jeans lasted for more than a decade, the iGen considers them passé. When speaking of denim, they prefer to wear wide-leg jeans, like mom jeans, slouch-fit, or flare jeans.

9. Baguette bags

Shoulder bags are not a new accessory, but they are the must-have type of bag right now, especially baguettes in all of their shapes, colors, and materials. Many Instagram influencers are sporting these bags right now and making the most of looks with this accessory, like the Elite series young superstar Valentina Zenere, for example.

10. Platform flip-flops

It seems that the moment has come for the revival of platform flip-flops. They became legendary in the 2000s, but you can up your fashion game by wearing them in better designs. Not to mention that many iGen icons of style, like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, are rocking them too.

11. Anything Y2K

If we had to sum up iGen style inspiration in one word, it would probably be Y2K, which refers to a fashion style originating in the period of the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is the iGen who is responsible for the Y2K fashion comeback because they are crazy about basically anything nostalgic. Just check fashion trends on TikTok, like velvety tracksuits or scarf tops. The Millennials are now being reminded of the styles launched by stars from their childhood, like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. We’ve already mentioned some trademarks of the Y2K fashion style, like baguette bags, bucket hats, platform flip-flops, and baggy jeans. However, let’s not forget about butterfly clips, colored eyeshadows and eyeliners, glitter lids, glossy lips, face-framing tendrils, and hair crimping.

Bonus part: Strong social messaging and sustainable fabric

Research on the state of fashion has shown that most members of iGen believe that issues that refer to society and the environment should be addressed by large companies. They are conveying these strong messages themselves through brands focused on social justice, but also via ethical shopping, as they often choose sustainable fabrics made of recycled materials. They also often enjoy wearing second-hand clothes and tend to avoid buying non-biodegradable materials.

All of this is simple to understand because we are speaking about an inquisitive generation that grew up in the age of social platforms and who share new information instantly and naturally.

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