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A Guide to Different Kinds and Styles of Dresses

A dress is probably the most feminine piece of clothing. Dresses might be intended for different events and used on different occasions — every day, wedding, and parties. Or they might be used during different seasons. Of course, there are many different styles of dresses and it’s hard to get lost in the variety.

5-Minute Crafts has prepared a detailed guide to different kinds of dresses.

Slip dress

Visually, a slip dress looks like underwear but also like a gown. A slip dress is a dress with thin straps made of flowy fabric like silk and satin. These dresses might have lace on them.


A shirtdress is made in the style of a men’s shirt, with elements like a collar, buttons on the front, and sleeves with cuffs. These dresses are often made of thick fabrics like cotton and linen, but they might also be made of silk. They are usually straight. The waistline can be highlighted with a belt.

Sheath dress

This is a narrow dress that highlights your body. Sheath dresses can be used on both special occasions and for every day at work. Most of the time, they are made of thick fabrics, don’t have any decorative details, and there’s no horizontal seam on the waist. This dress doesn’t have a collar or sleeves.

Pinafore dress

A pinafore dress is a dress without a collar with average-sized straps on the shoulders. It can be worn on top of a shirt or a turtleneck.

Sweater dress

A sweater dress is a longer version of a knit pullover dress. These dresses might come in different lengths — from the hip and to the ankle. This is a winter dress for cold weather.

Cape dress

This is a dress that is both a cape and a dress. These models can come in any length and are seen in the collections of different designers.

Mermaid dress

This is a long dress that is tight on the chest, waist, and hips. It’s wider around the knees and it looks like a mermaid tail. These dresses are often wedding dresses and also worn on special occasions.

Tea length dress

A tea-length dress has a wide skirt reaches the middle of the ankle. These dresses can be worn for any daily events — from weddings and receptions to proms.

Cocktail dress

A cocktail dress is the perfect choice for a party when a very long dress looks inappropriate. It’s a combination of a special occasion and everyday dress that reaches the knee. It can come in all sorts of silhouettes.

Little black dress

A little black dress is a cocktail dress that can also be worn every day. It’s a universal style that is good for almost any situation. The modern version of the little black dress became popular in 1926 thanks to Coco Chanel.

Blazer dress

This is a jacket that is as long as a mini dress. This dress creates the hourglass shape of the body. Blazer dresses are a great choice for parties, special occasions, and might be a good alternative for a traditional wedding dress if they are white.

Empire line dress

These are dresses with a high waistline, tight chest, and flowy look. Dresses like this were worn by women in Jane Austen’s novels.

Bandage dress

This dress consists of layers of knitted tape that can create curves in all the right places. A bandage dress can create a better body shape.

Qipao dress

A qipao dress is a traditional Chinese dress. It has a high neck and a straight skirt. These dresses are usually made of silk and decorated with embroidery. Modern qipao dresses became popular in the west in the 1920s and have high slits on 1 or 2 legs.

Babydoll dress

The name perfectly describes the style of this dress. It’s short and has a wide skirt.

Tent dress

This is a shapeless dress that hangs loosely on the shoulders and has a baggy look. It’s worn without a belt.

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