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A Guide to Different Types of Men’s Shoes

Footwear is a key component of every outfit whether you’re going to work, the beach, the gym, or a wedding. Because there are so many shoe styles out there on the market, 5-Minute Crafts decided to create a simple guide on men’s shoes for you, to help you decide on your favorite.

1. Oxford shoes

This style features shoelace eyelet tabs attached under the vamp and a pointed cap toe extending out toward the sides. Named after Oxford University, these shoes are suitable for uniform, formal, or casual wear and are usually made out of leather or suede.

2. Moccasins

Moccasins are comfortable and versatile shoes that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. They consist of a smooth and flexible sole, and sides made out of leather that are stitched together. The top part often features embroidery or beading.

3. Loafers

Modeled after moccasins, loafers are a slip-on versatile type of shoe. They are comfortable due to their flat heel and are appropriate for most occasions, whether formal or casual. You can also wear them with or without socks.

4. Chukka boots

These popular boots are usually made out of suede or calfskin. Some key features these boots have are that they are ankle-high, and have open lacing with 2 or 3 pairs of eyelets, leather or rubber soles, and rounded toes. They’re also appropriate for casual or formal wear.

5. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots date back all the way to the Victorian era and are still iconic to this day. This unisex ankle-high style features an elastic side panel with a loop or tab of fabric on the back to be used to pull the boot on and off easily. They are commonly made out of leather or suede.

6. Brogue shoes

A staple in any man’s wardrobe — this classic shoe features a low heel, leather uppers, serration along the edges, and decorative perforations (also called broguing). There are several styles of brogues, including boots, and they’re determined by the shape of the toe cap. They are most commonly found in leather.

7. Monk shoes

Also a staple in a men’s shoe wardrobe, this style is formal but not as formal as the oxford. Instead of lacing, they are secured on the feet by straps or buckles, have a cap toe, and they’re often found in suede.

8. Boat shoes

Boat shoes, hence the name, are for use on a boat due to their rubber soles that are designed to provide grip on a wet deck. These shoes are unisex and their design resembles moccasins but they’re quite durable and are usually worn without socks.

9. Sneakers

Also called trainers or kicks, these shoes were initially made for sports or outdoor activities but are now commonly used for everyday wear. Typically made from synthetic materials with a flexible rubber sole, and given the nature of why they’re made, these shoes are quite durable and sturdy.

10. Dress boots

These ankle-high leather boots are a great choice for bad weather and for formal occasions. Dress boots were also used during the Victorian era but still remain relevant and popular to this day.

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