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A Guide to Outer Garments

A Guide to Outer Garments

There are so many different kinds of clothes with long sleeves and we don’t always know the correct names for them.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how a sweatshirt is different from a hoodie, and a sweater from a jumper.


A sweater is a warm, often knitted, piece of clothing with long sleeves and a high collar. They don’t usually have any buttons, they might have stretchy pieces on the collar and the lower part.


A jumper is a lot like a sweater. It doesn’t have any buttons or zippers either but it’s usually lighter and has a round or a V-shaped neck.


A pullover is a sweater variation with a simple collar without buttons or zippers. You put it on by pulling it over your head.

Usually, pullovers are thinner than sweaters and might be made of synthetic fibers, wool, or cotton. They are tighter than sweaters, have a narrow outline, and have a V-shaped neck.


long-sleeve top is a T-shirt with long sleeves. They are made of soft knitwear and they don’t have zippers. They are usually very tight and straight.


A turtleneck is a sweater with a very high neckline that covers the neck and ends just below the chin. They might vary in tightness and thickness.


A sweatshirt is a loose sweater with long sleeves, that is usually made of cotton. Unlike a hoodie, it doesn’t have any buttons, zippers, laces, or any other decorative elements. It also has a neckline that doesn’t cover the neck.


A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood and a lace regulating the width of the neckline. Some models might have a zipper inside and a kangaroo pocket in front.


Ponchos have a simple design. They are usually a square or a rectangle of fabric with a hole for the head in the middle. Ponchos are very loose on the body. Some models might have hoods and pockets.


A cardigan is a kind of sweater. It’s knitted and it opens in the front. Usually, it has a V-shaped cut, with buttons or zippers, but there are also open versions.

Unlike sweaters, cardigans are used as a second layer on top of something else.


A bodysuit looks like a swimsuit but it’s not for swimming or sports. There might be a lot of different bodysuits, but the general idea is that the upper part flows into the lower and ends with shorts or panties.

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