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Your Cheat Sheet to Pick the Perfect Shades

Sunglasses are there not only to protect your eyes but can also accentuate your style. There are countless specs, such as aviator, cat eye, round, and more. We all know it might be hard sometimes to pick the right one for your face; therefore, 5-Minute Crafts rounded up the quick tips for you to have stylish eyewear.

1. Aviator

Aviators are probably one of the most recognizable sunglasses developed first for pilots to protect their eyes while flying. Over time, they’ve become one of the most fashionable and universal must-haves. They look great with practically any face shape, especially a diamond-shaped face.

2. Wayfarer

Wayfarers have a wide top rim and rounded lens frames extending past the eyes to wing-like corners. They were so popular amongst celebrities in the ’50s and ’60s, and their popularity came back in the ’80s. They have a stout shape that balances your head’s natural length. They go well with vertical almond face types.

3. Round

A must-have among trendy festival-goers, round sunglasses became famous thanks to John Lennon. While their thin round frames give it a vintage look, thicker options complement a more modern and chic look. Choose them if you have a square face because they soften some angles. They are great for heart-shaped faces, too, to minimize the width at the top part of your face.

4. Cat eye

Cat eyes sunglasses resemble a cat’s eye, which is recognizable by the upper outer curve of the frame. They go well with all face shapes.

5. Clubmaster

Clubmaster sunglasses have a specific framing type that usually stays on the top half of the lens and doesn’t cover the bottom half. The unique combination of relaxed and browline classic has made this form popular. While light-shaded and bottom-heavy frames are suitable for heart-shaped faces, dark browline frame goes well with rectangular faces. Try bolder at the top edges if you have a triangle-shaped face type.

6. Wrap

Named as a wrap or shield sunglasses because their frame wraps around the head, providing peripheral coverage and a broader field of vision. They’re reputed to be great for sports; athletes and sport-lovers wear them the most.

7. Square

Square sunglasses are defined in 3 words: functionality, classic style, and mystery. They protect most of the face against the sun. They’re suitable for almost every face shape but are best-suited round and oval faces as they balance the look with angles and structure.

8. Oval

Because they’re wide enough, oval sunglasses cover the entire eye for maximum sun protection. They go well with square, triangle, and oval faces.

9. Rectangle

Since rectangle sunglasses are narrower than square ones, they give a soft look and draw the focus to the center. You can find them in retro, sporty, casual, and vintage styles. They go well with oblong or longer-shaped face types.

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