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Different Types of Swimsuits and How to Wear Them

There are lots of swimsuit options available on the market — from various one-pieces to bikinis. And sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the types and styles. 5-Minute Crafts has created a guide to swimsuits that will explain all the differences to you.

I. One-piece swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits provide coverage to the middle part of the body and some coverage to the upper and lower body.

  • Classic one-piece — 2 straps, straight swimsuit that coves the middle section of the body and the back. This piece looks good on any body shape.
  • Long-sleeve — one-piece swimwear that has long sleeves and covers the entire midpart of the body.
  • Monokini — a mix between a classic one-piece and a bikini. A monokini has its bottom and top sections connected, but it still leaves a significant part of the body’s midsection uncovered.
  • Ruched — this one-piece swimwear has gathered fabric on the front mid-section of the suit, which creates a ruffled or pleated look.
  • One-shoulder — as its name implies, this type of swimwear has one shoulder strap removed, which creates an asymmetric look.
  • Bandeau — without any straps or sleeves, it provides full torso and back coverage.
  • Swim dress — this type of swimsuit was created to look like a dress made of swimwear fabric.
  • V-neck (plunge neckline) — provides revealing cleavage. The depth of the V can vary from piece to piece.
  • Wetsuit — a one-piece rash guard that is perfect for cold water and intense activities like surfing, paddleboarding, and scuba diving. The suit has long (or short) sleeves, a turtleneck, and can either cover the entire legs, half the legs (shorts), or have high-cut bottoms.
  • Burkini — a type of swimsuit that covers almost the entire body, excluding the face, the hands, and the feet.

2. Swimsuit Tops

Of course, there is more variety to swimsuits than just one-piece styles. Another trendy style for swimwear is a bikini — a 2-piece suit. Both the top and bottom parts can vary in style. Let’s look at the tops variations first:

  • One-shoulder — this top has one shoulder strap removed, which creates an asymmetric look and draws attention to the upper body.
  • Bandeau — created from one piece of fabric, this top has no straps and wraps tightly around the chest. Some of them can also have underwires to provide extra support.
  • Cutout — this has a cutout section somewhere in the middle.
  • Halter — these tops can have various cutouts and designs, but the main feature is a tie or a clasp that needs to be secured around the neck. These tops provide great breast support.
  • Longline — these tops are slightly longer down the torso than other styles, which provides a bit more body coverage and better chest support.
  • Tankini — thanks to its extension to the swim bottom, it looks somewhat similar to a tank top. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to hide their stomach area and still want to wear a 2-piece swimsuit.
  • Triangle top — as its name suggests, this type of top is made of 2 triangle-shaped pieces of swimwear fabric attached with straps.
  • Underwire — its silhouette resembles a traditional bra and provides maximum chest support.
  • Bandini — looks like a tankini top, but without straps, which allows you to reveal your shoulders. Some of the bandinis are also made with built-in underwire support.

3. Swimsuit bottoms

There are also lots of different swimsuit bottoms to choose from:

  • Cheeky — has a medium-cut between the legs and glutes and will reveal some skin. Consider choosing cheeky swimming bottoms if you want to make your legs appear visually longer.
  • High waist — as its name implies high waist bottoms sit high on your abdominal area — starting from your belly button or going right above your waist.
  • Hipster — these swimwear bottoms have a wide band around the hips and provide good coverage of the backside.
  • Boyshorts — they feature traditional shorts that are a bit shorter and more fitting to the body. If you do water sports and want some extra coverage, boyshorts can be a good choice.
  • Briefs — this option is suitable for those who want some breathable, casual options for a swimming pool or the beach.
  • Thong — also known as Brazilian style, thongs are made of narrow bands of vertical swimming fabric and cover a small section of your backside.
  • Side-tie — as its name implies, the side-tie bikini bottom has 2 ties that secure it on the sides. They can be very handy if you want to adjust their tightness and size.
  • High cut — being different from a high waist, high-cut sits high on the hips and helps to visually elongate the legs.
  • Skirt — this swimwear bottom features a skirt-like design. If you want some extra coverage for your backside and hips, you can opt for this one.
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