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Guide on Types of Bags

Bags possess a practical purpose — they help to have necessary things at hand or to carry products home, for example. They also have an aesthetic function. This accessory helps to make one’s look modern and stunning.

There is a huge variety of bags that differ by shape, volume, and purpose. 5-Minute Crafts decided to figure out what types of bags there are and how to use them correctly.


The backpack is a type of bag for carrying things on your back. It has 2 straps (sometimes one) that are worn over the shoulders. Most often, a backpack has a handle on top. Backpacks can have different purposes, like for city wearing, for sport, and for tourism.

city backpack is a universal accessory that can be combined with different types of clothes, from dresses to jeans. Sports backpacks are meant for carrying sports uniforms and equipment. Travel backpacks come in big sizes and are used during traveling and hiking.

Clutch bag

The clutch is a small bag without handles. Sometimes it has an additional over-the-shoulder strap but, as a rule, clutches are worn clasped by the hand or under the arm. Clutches can be both for everyday use and for going out.

Minaudière bag

The minaudière is a small evening bag with a rigid metal frame and rich decoration. The minaudière can be decorated with precious or semi-precious stones, rhinestones, or covered with fabric.

Pouch bag

The pouch bag is a type of clutch bag from the Bottega Veneta brand. This model was introduced to the world in 2019. Many fashionistas fell in love with this voluminous bag and different variations of this model became a part of other brands’ collections.

Crossbody bag

The crossbody bag is a relatively small bag on a long strap. This type of bag is worn over the shoulder. Its main convenience is that it lets your hands stay free.

Waist bag

This type of bag is meant for wearing on the waist. As a rule, it has several pockets and helps you keep your essential items with you. At the same time, your hands stay free.

Tote bag

The tote bag is a big bag with parallel handles on the sides. Oftentimes, it comes with no lock or zipper. Reusable shopping bags that can be made from durable fabric or leather relate to this type of bag category.

It was Jane Birkin who was the reason for the appearance of the model with an upper zipper and inside pockets. During a flight on a plane, the actress spilled out all the contents of the bag. By chance, the executive director of the Hermès fashion house was sitting next to her, and this story served as a source of inspiration for him. As a result, the Birkin bag, a tote bag with a lock, came into this world.

Baguette bag

The baguette bag is a small compact bag on a short strap. Baguettes can have a rectangular or curved shape.

Basket bag

The basket bag is a are woven bag made of straw, raffia, or rattan. They often have an open top and short handles. This type of bag is most often used in the summertime.

Satchel bag

The satchel bag is a book bag. This model usually has a long strap for wearing over the shoulder. The satchel bag opens with a hinged flap and fastens at the front. The bag has a clear rectangular or square shape.

Doctor’s bag

Initially, the doctor’s bag was used by doctors when they were visiting patients. Traditionally it was completely made of leather and had a split handle that could be opened from the top. Today such a bag can be made from different materials and have different design details.

Hobo bag

As a rule, such a bag is made of soft materials and doesn’t hold its shape. When something is put into it, the bag sags and takes on the shape of a crescent moon.

Saddle bag

This bag has a flat upper part, a rounded bottom part, and a flap cover. It resembles a horseshoe by shape. Traditionally, such bags were hanging down on the sides of horse saddles, but now they have become a part of fashionistas’ wardrobes.

Bucket bag

The bucket bag has a round base. Its sides are made of soft leather or other materials. It fastens with a drawstring and has a long strap.

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