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How to Choose a Coat for Your Body Type

It’s mid-fall, and it’s just the right time to choose a coat. But to make sure it’s a perfect fit, you need to choose it in accordance with your body type.

At 5-Minute Crafts, we are sure that our recommendations will help you emphasize your strongest features and hide the weak sides of any body type.

Characteristics of this body type:

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Average to large bust
  • A somewhat wide chest and back
  • An undefined waist
  • Narrow hips

Models that suit you best: If your body type is apple, choose models that visually elongate your silhouette and create the effect of a slim waist. The best choice is a trapeze coat and a knee-length trench. Also, take a closer look at ponchos and A-line coats with low pockets.

Models to avoid: Avoid belted coats and models with lots of details.

Characteristics of this body type:

  • Shoulders that are narrower than the hips and may be sloped
  • A small bust
  • A defined waist thanks to larger hips
  • Full hips
  • Legs that are full or muscular

Models that suit you best: You should maximize your upper body to make your look balanced. Choose a coat with a 3/4 sleeve, a belted trench of above-the-knee length, or a coat with a clear waistline. Also, models with big lapels, wide collars, and shoulder pads are good choices.

Models to avoid: ‍Avoid straight cuts and boxy coats, as they will make your body look heavy and shapeless.

Characteristics of this body type:

  • Slightly round shoulders
  • Bust and hips of the same width
  • A thin and defined waist
  • Rounded hips

Models that suit you best: Your body looks balanced because its upper and lower halves are approximately equal. Choose models with a knee length.

Models to avoid: ‍Too many details make the silhouette cluttered and unbalanced. If you choose a coat with embellishments on the chest, make sure to add the same amount of volume around your hips. Set aside a coat with square and straight lines if it doesn’t have a belt.

Characteristics of this body type:

  • A straight shoulder line and ribcage
  • A bust and hips that are approximately the same width
  • A waist that is almost undefined

Models that suit you best: Try to create an illusion of a more defined waist and soft curves. Choose a flared or double-breasted cut with a belt on the waist, as it will make your silhouette appear more defined. Also, go for models with colorful elements that imitate body curves.

Models to avoid: ‍Avoid square-cut and short models that can make you look visually squarish. Also, avoid embellishments around your waist since they make you look bulky in this area.

Inverted triangle or strawberry

Characteristics of this body type:

  • Shoulders that are noticeably wider than the hip line
  • A waist that is almost undefined
  • Hips that look straight and flat compared to broad shoulders
  • A sporty and athletic physique

Models that suit you best: You should visually enlarge your lower half of the body. Choose a flared cut or a coat with embellishments at the bottom. They will make your silhouette more balanced.

Models to avoid: Avoid shoulder pads and big collars. If you choose a trench, make sure it doesn’t have shoulder straps, as they will attract attention to your shoulders.

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