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How to Choose a Hat According to Your Face Shape

Taking your face shape into consideration while purchasing a hat is a wise recommendation because different types of hats suit different face shapes. Although the most important factor in choosing a hat is how you feel while wearing it, 5-Minute Crafts has created a short guide about face shapes to let you know which hat would suit you best.

1. Oval face

If your face has got the following features, then you will know it is oval:

  • it is proportional and longer than it is wide
  • the jawline and chin are curved and a bit narrower than the forehead.

The symmetry and smooth proportions of an oval face bring harmony to this face shape. People with an oval face can basically make any hat work, which is why they enjoy a variety of choices and can top off diverse looks.

2. Long face

These are the features of a long face, that is often confused with an oval one:

  • it has a noticeably longer shape
  • the forehead, chin, and cheekbones are all equally wide
  • the chin is rounded.

Men and women with long faces should opt for hats that cut across their forehead and, thus, make it appear shortened. Avoid beanies because, as we mentioned earlier, they can produce an opposite visual effect. For this reason, wide-brim hats, sun hats, and cowboy hats would be the right choice.

3. Round face

round-shaped face looks like this:

  • it has a shorter form and its features are rounded and soft
  • the hairline is wide
  • the widest part of the face are the cheekbones
  • the jawline and the forehead are more or less equally wide.

People with a round face have one rule to remember: aim for angles because you should have opposite features in mind when choosing hats. Beanies will make your face look longer if you pull them low over your face. A cloche or fedora are also good options.

4. Square face

Here is what a square-shaped face means:

  • the forehead is more or less as wide as the jawline and cheekbones
  • the jawline is angular and accentuated
  • the face is about as long as the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are wide.

In a strong and already attractive angular face situation, a hat with angles would be overkill. This is why you should seek out rounder hats with wide or floppy brims and cloche hats.

5. Heart-shaped face

There is also a heart-shaped type of face:

  • the widest part of the face are the cheekbones
  • the chin is delicate and pointed, just like a heart
  • the hairline is often pointed, which is also called “a widow’s peak.”

Hat lovers with heart-shaped faces should look for a hat that makes their forehead look less wide and their jaw, less narrow. The hats that suit you best are fedoras, baseball caps, and newsboy, as well as those that cut across your forehead. Wearing floppy brims is not recommended, since it might bring an extra-volume effect.

6. Diamond-shaped face

The diamond-shaped face resembles the heart shape quite a bit and it looks like this:

  • the cheekbones are high and accentuated
  • the chin is pointed
  • the forehead is usually narrow.

In the case of a diamond-shaped face, an important factor in looking good with a hat is how you wear it. Your face will look less shortened if you choose to wear a pull-on further toward the back of your head or a pork pie, because of its shallow crown.

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