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How to Choose a Shirt That Fits You Perfectly

Originally, a shirt was an undergarment for men that was worn under other clothes and never independently. But over time, the fashion, length, and design of certain elements started changing. Today, a classic shirt is part of both men’s and women’s wardrobes and one of the most basic elements of business style.

We at 5-Minute Crafts are going to tell you about some little details that are useful to know when choosing a shirt to make it look great on you.

Shirt fabrics

There are different fabrics that shirts are made from. Natural fabrics breathe well and look good, but they also wrinkle fast and are more expensive. Synthetics are more affordable and don’t wrinkle that much. Most of the time, shirts are made from these kinds of fabrics:

  • Oxford: This is soft and comfortable, even though it’s the coarsest of the fabrics used for making shirts. It’s a great choice for everyday things.
  • Poplin: It’s like Oxford, but softer. It’s a combination of thin and thick yarn and is used for producing everyday shirts.
  • Twill: It’s a textured fabric with a shine that is better for more business-like models.

Shirt collar

The term, “white collar,” appeared when light-colored shirts became popular. They were worn by men that donned white shirts and weren’t afraid of staining them because they were working at the office. At the same time, physical workers preferred dark shirts where stains weren’t that visible.

Today, color doesn’t play that big a part when choosing a shirt, but there are some parameters that are really important. When choosing a shirt, it’s important to know which type of collar is good for your face shape.

  1. The wing collar is usually used for black tie events. It has small tips that look like the open wings of a bird. It’s usually combined with a neck or a bow tie. It’s good for almost anyone, except those that have an elongated face.
  2. Most collars are made with classic, pointed collars. These are universal, as they go well with a tie or without one, and they work with any face shape, especially wide and round faces.
  3. A wide collar is the best choice if you have a wide or elongated face and thin facial features. If you have a round or a square face, it’s better to avoid this type of collar. Ties made from thick fabrics, such as wool, look best with such collars.

There are many other kinds of collars you should know about when choosing a shirt based on the shape and type of your face.

Most collars have a stand. Thanks to the stand, the collar can stand up and look thick (compared to other parts of the shirt.) You can give the collar more support by using collar inserts. They are thick parts that fix the collar to stand in the position you need.

Shirt models

There are many models of shirts, so it’s not very hard to choose the one that flatters you the most depending on your individual body and shape proportions.

  • Classic-fit shirts are universal. They are good for people who like classic suits.
  • Slim-fit shirts highlight the body lines and waist. It’s good for people that like taking off their jackets and wearing shirts on their own. This model shouldn’t be tight (if it is, it’s the wrong size). It looks best on people with elegant bodies and those that are in good shape.
  • Modern-fit shirts are good for people that wear suits but don’t wear jackets. It’s a compromise between the 2 previous models — it highlights the body lines and is very comfortable. It’s good for people of any body type.
  • Super slim, or skinny-fit shirts are made for people who feel that other models are too loose.


Pay attention to the way the shirt fits you. If it’s too narrow, the fabric around the armpits will look stretched. If a model is too wide, the shirt will basically hang loose on the body.

The sleeves shouldn’t be too tight on the arms. If the size and model are correct, you should be able to lift your arms, bend them, and cross them on the chest if needed.

Look at the sleeves. To choose the perfect length, make sure the ends are not above or below the wrist.

Other things to pay attention to

  • Shirts with pockets used to be considered casual, but today, it’s an element of design. But if you’re choosing a shirt for official events, it’s better not to wear such a model.
  • The cuffs might have buttons (1 or 2) or holes for cuff links. Some of them are designed to adjust the length and width. The cuff might be rounded, straight, or sloping.
  • The shirt hem is also important. If you are planning to tuck it in, the hem should be long.

The difference between men’s and women’s shirts

Women’s shirts are designed to highlight the body lines. Despite the model, you should feel comfortable.

  • You can’t give someone a hug. If a shirt is good but you can’t move normally, it means it’s too tight for you.
  • There are gaps in the shirt buttons. The material is stretched, which means it’s too tight.
  • You have to suck in your belly. If you have difficulty breathing, it means the shirt is too tight.
  • You need to tuck in the shirt all the time. This will be done, for example, when you sit down or reach up. It means the hem is too short.
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