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7 Ways to Choose Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

7 Ways to Choose Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a basic element of almost any wardrobe. If you can combine clothes and accessories well, you can wear this universal piece anywhere, like on a walk, outside the city, on an evening out with friends, or even to a business meeting.

5-Minute Crafts has created instructions on how to choose the perfect jeans that will fit you in size, height, and other features of the body.

1. Size

Of course, you’re familiar with the international scale of sizes, from ХХS to 4XL. However, it’s not always the same size that fits you when you try them on. So, here’s a small trick you can use. Take a pair of jeans that you like, make a fist, and put your arm in the waist. If the arm doesn’t fit, the jeans are too small. If you placed your arm in and there’s still free space, they’re too big. And if the arm fits perfectly, the jeans will probably fit you.

2. Length

The simplest way to find out if jeans fit you, in terms of length, is to measure the jeans you already have and compare them to a new pair. But not everyone can measure their jeans and not every manufacturer provides this kind of detailed information.

Here’s another trick that will come in handy:

  • Hold the pants in your hands.
  • Spread your arms parallel to the floor so that they form a straight line.
  • If you can’t straighten your arms at the elbows, the jeans are too short. And if the length of the jeans and the arms are the same, they’ll most likely fit you.

3. Ankle width

This trick will help you find slim jeans. First, make a fist and put it through the pant leg. If the fist doesn’t go through the seam, the jeans are too tight. And if you can get the fist through, the jeans will be good at the ankles.

4. Rise

The most popular jeans are those with mid-rise and high-rise waists. Mid-rise jeans are good for the following types of body shapes:

  • Oval — people with such body shapes usually have narrow hips, medium shoulders, larger breasts, and bigger bodies.
  • Rectangle — the width of the shoulders is about the same as the hips, and the width of the chest is the same as the waist.
  • Triangle — big shoulders and chest with relatively narrow hips.

Mid-rise jeans will balance the upper part of the body.

High-rise jeans are good for the following body types:

  • Pear — good for those with wide hips, narrow shoulders and chest, and a visible waist.
  • Hourglass — the hips and the chest are the same width, the waist is clearly visible, and the shoulders, along with the buttocks, are rounded.

In this case, high-rise jeans serve as balance for the lower part of the body and make the upper part of the body look great.

5. Pocket height

When you buy jeans, pay attention to the back pockets. They shouldn’t be too low. The best pocket positioning that will make the hips look great is at about 1.5 inches above the inner seam.

6. Fly length

The same works for the fly. If the fly is high and short, it will make the hips look visually longer and steal the attention from the waist. The best height is about 1.5 inches higher from the inner seam.

7. Quality

  1. Zips and buttons: The buttons on your jeans need to be made well and the zipper has to go all the way and click at the end. Try moving all the pieces and test the zipper. Also, check that there’s a spare button.

  2. Seams: The seams need to be even and follow a certain pattern. Check the seams on the sides and the pockets. A good sign is a thick seam with loops. Carefully stretch the jeans in the seams. If you can see the threads tear, this is clearly a bad sign.

  3. Threads that are sticking out: This detail signals that the manufacturer was not careful. Most likely, the jeans were made in huge batches and in a rush. The quality of the pants was not a very high priority. And vice versa, if you don’t see any threads out of place, this is a great sign and you can buy this pair.

  4. Materials: Stretchy jeans are made of cotton and a bit of elastane. It’s the elastane that makes them stretchy and comfortable. But make sure that there’s not more than 2% of elastane. If there’s more, the jeans will stretch fast and lose their shape.

  5. Fabric thickness: Jeans made of thick, “heavy” material are better than those made of thin fabrics. It may take you some time to get used to, but in the end, thick the denim will live a longer life.

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