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How to Choose the Right Socks for Your Shoes

You may consider wearing socks just on colder days and skipping them during warm or hot weather. However, they are essential for summer. Our feet produce about half a pint of sweat a day. So without socks, there is a higher chance of foot fungus and bacteria. Moreover, there are hidden socks options that will not ruin your look.

5-Minute Crafts found out what are the best socks for different types of shoes.

1. Toe toppers

Toe toppers are little socks that cover your toes and don’t go further than the arch of the foot. They go well with slingback shoes, mules, and stilettos. They can also prevent your foot from slipping around inside the shoes.

2. Ultra low-cut socks

This type of low-cut sock is the best for low shoes, like heels and ballet flats, that don’t even fully cover the toes.

3. Low-cut socks

Low-cuts cover approximately one-third of the bridge of the foot. They go well with low vamp boat shoes, sneakers, and slip-ons — shoes, that have a wider opening with lower sides.

4. Mid-cut socks

If you don’t want your socks to be visible while wearing loafers or clogs, choose mid-cut ones.

5. High-cut socks

If you like wearing oxfords or booties, you might like high-cut socks. They are no-show ones, however, they will protect your entire foot.

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