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How to Choose Your Size Wisely When Shopping for Clothes Online

When buying clothes in online stores, size is one of the biggest problems. Not being able to try on the garment makes you hesitant to make the purchase. It’s also true that, depending on the platform and brand, there can be many variations of sizes and fits.

5-Minute Crafts wants to share some tips for you to keep in mind when shopping for clothes online.

1. Take the model’s body into account.

If the garment you’re thinking of buying is worn by a model, look at her height and build. Her body may be different from yours, but in the photo, you will be able to see how the garment fits her and get an idea of how it might look on you. This trick is much more useful when the online store indicates the height of the model, the size of the garment she is wearing, and, in some cases, her own measurements.

2. Take your exact measurements with someone’s help.

To make the measurements as accurate as possible, ask someone to help you take them. To shop with confidence, most stores offer a comparison chart in inches or centimeters. Some even give you the option of calculating the size of the garment that will fit you best based on your measurements.

3. Read buyers’ comments and reviews.

It’s helpful to read comments people leave about the product. Thanks to the experiences other people have had with their purchases, you can be guided on how big, wide, or narrow the items are in your online shopping cart.

4. Check from which country the sizes are given.

When choosing the size number, it’s important to check where the size guide is from since European, American, and Asian sizes differ from each other according to the standards they follow.

Sizes in Asian countries, such as China, tend to be smaller, on average. If possible, ask the seller for the measurement in centimeters of all parts of the garment. If there’s no way to contact the store, remember to read the comments.

5. Read the shipping policies.

It is also important to read the shipping and return policies before purchasing. This could prevent problems in case the garment doesn’t fit your body the way you want it to. Not all stores have the same rules. Don’t throw away the ticket or cut off the tag. You will need them in case of a return or replacement.

6. If you doubt what size is best for you, buy a larger one.

Each body is unique and your waist size may be quite different than your hip size. This is when going up a size is a good option because it’s easier to reduce the area of a garment that fits a little loosely rather than enlarge a garment that doesn’t have extra fabric to spare.

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