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How to Combine Jewelry With Clothes Depending on the Look

It’s important to not only be able to choose good clothes but also the right accessories. After all, bad jewelry can ruin even the most stylish look.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you about simple rules that can help you choose the right accessories and avoid the most popular mistakes.

Size matters.

The size of the jewelry you’re wearing should match your look. In a wrong combination, small jewelry can get lost in the look, and big pieces might appear ridiculous.

Small pieces of jewelry, like earrings and simple pearl necklaces, are great for bright clothes and items with prints and patterns. If you’re going to create a conservative look, you can add such jewelry to one-color looks.

Big pieces of jewelry will look great with simple clothes. For example, you can wear an everyday blouse with simple jeans and add a massive bracelet or necklace.

Combine the colors correctly.

Color matters just as much.

Gold and silver jewelry will look great with any clothes, especially if they’re white, black, or gray. If you’re going to wear other colors, check the color wheel. A good idea is to combine the jewelry color with the clothing’s color. For example, a green brooch is good for a yellow-green look. Also, opposite colors look good together. For example, a purple necklace looks great with a green dress.

Even though colorful accessories attract a lot of attention, it’s better not to overload the look. Accessories with more than 2 colors can ruin your look.

Decide on the style.

The general style should define the jewelry choice and set the rules of using the accessories.

In order to create a formal look, use simple jewelry, like earrings and pendants, and pearl necklaces with diamond earrings, as they’ll go great with a classic look. To create a more unusual look, choose big jewelry and massive necklaces with chandelier earrings to make you look a bit more glamourous.

Searching for perfect accessories that are right for your style can require more than 1 attempt. Try different combinations that will help you find your style eventually.

Skin tone

Your skin tone has a direct influence on the jewelry you can choose. We take the skin tone into consideration when choosing clothes, so it should be taken into account when buying jewelry too.

Cooler skin tones look great with gold, silver, and white jewelry. Red, purple, and blue tones also look good. Gold looks best on warmer skin tones and compliment darker hair. For warmer skin tones, it’s better to choose yellow, orange, and green colors.


The necklace is often the central element of a look. It should be combined with the neckline.

For a V-neck, choose a pendant of the same shape: combined with earrings, it will highlight your face. For square necks, a petite pendant with thin chains or an embellished locket will look awesome.

Turtlenecks look good without necklaces, but if you want to wear one, choose massive or multi-layered kinds.

Heart necklines go well with pendant necklaces, just like V-shaped necklines. However, if you choose to wear drop earrings, you can ditch the necklaces altogether. Lastly, round beaded or pearl necklaces go well with round necklines.

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