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How to Create Stylish Outfits With a White Shirt

A white shirt is one of the most versatile pieces you can own because it can be easily dressed up or down, which is achieved by styling it with appropriate clothing and accessories. White shirts are staple items in any woman’s wardrobe because they offer endless possibilities: from casual daywear to fancy parties (and everything in between).

5-Minute Crafts will explain how to put together outfit ideas for every occasion to look stylish at all times.

1. Create a perfect outfit for casual daywear.

Whether you’re running errands or having fun during the weekend, read these tips to pull-off a polished but comfy style:

  • Daytime: Choose an oversized shirt and style it with long black leggings. Elevate your look with interesting accessories, like a beret, brogue shoes, and chunky jewelry.
  • Denim: For the ultimate casual look, you can never go wrong with a loose white shirt, blue denim, and flats or sneakers (or your preferred shoe). Roll up your sleeves for a more relaxed vibe.
  • Evenings: If you are heading out later in the day, you can go for a cropped white shirt (or a piece that emphasizes the waist). Add a pair of skinny jeans and you’ll be ready to hit the streets.

2. Spruce up your work outfit.

Long gone are the days when dressing up for work was boring. If you work in an office or an environment that requires semi-formal dress code, pay attention to these recommendations:

  • Girly skirt: Button a white shirt all the way up and tuck it into a midi skirt, then, wear some heeled boots to look more chic. You can add a pop of color by carrying a small statement purse.
  • The easy option: Achieve an effortless look by matching a white tee with a completely unbuttoned shirt (with an oversized fit). Also, wear baggy pants for extra comfort.
  • Classic blazer: Combine a blazer with skinny black jeans for a twist on the traditional suit. Then, roll up the sleeves of your blazer to show off the loose sleeves of a unique white shirt.

3. Style a shirt for date night.

The transition from day to night offers several opportunities to look like a real “it girl.” Choose the right fits and pieces to pull off incredible outfits:

  • Neckline touch: Transform the blouse-and-pants work uniform by revealing more skin around the neck and shoulders area (you can do this by simply unbuttoning a few buttons). Complement the rest of your outfit with an elegant handbag and low heel shoes.
  • Blazer dress: If you prefer bolder options, this will be the perfect inspiration for you. You can wear a white blouse underneath a blazer dress, which will make you look both playful and put together. To create an overall punky mood, it’s a great idea to wear chunky combat boots.
  • Rock ’n’ roll style: Pick a structured shirt and match it with some leather pants (with a flare fit). Some blouses have colorful pockets, which can give an interesting twist to an otherwise minimalist outfit. Additionally, you can wear a silk scarf with a pattern to include some texture.

4. Slay a party outfit with a white shirt.

People usually prefer dresses for parties, but shirts can be a great option when coupled with the right accessories. These are the tips to look fun and modern:

  • Wear a white shirt with a sequin skirt to pull off a glamorous style for a fancier occasion. Roll up the sleeves by pinching the cuffs, and then open some buttons to create a simple yet statement look for the party season.
  • In order to elevate this outfit even more, you can layer it with several accessories (the more the merrier, in fact!): wear embellished shoes and chunky jewelry in gemstones shades to complete the overall vibe.

5. Stay cozy during cold weather.

Some people think that white shirts are not suitable for cold days because they usually end up hidden under coats and sweaters. However, this isn’t the case if you know how to properly layer an outfit:

  • First, wear a turtleneck suit underneath the shirt; apart from protecting you during chilly days, this item will also accentuate your curves. If you go for a black shade, this color will provide a nice contrast against the crisp white shirt, making the outfit more interesting.
  • Layer a shirt with a slightly loose fit in an hourglass shape, which will suit your figure in the most flattering manner. You can tuck in this blouse into anything (including jeans, skirts, and pants).
  • Then, add some khaki pants with a more straight and roomy fit to achieve a more edgy style, which is a popular trend among fashionistas. Wear them with heels to emphasize their fit.
  • Finally, throw in a trench coat in a light-gray shade to stay warm. Prefer coats with a loose fit to be able to layer it, as well as tailor it to your personal preference (using a a belt).

6. Pull off summery outfits on hot days.

White shirts can be a great ally during summer, since they are also available in thin fabrics that will keep you fresh. Take notes of the following outfit ideas for this hot season:

  • Bikers: In recent years, cycling shorts have been very trendy because fashion houses brought them back into style. You can pair bikers with an oversized shirt to counterbalance their tight shape.
  • Swimsuit: Style an all-white outfit by wearing an oversized shirt over a one-piece swimsuit. Complete the beachy look with other white items: sunglasses, sandals, and a straw bag.
  • Slip dress: Layer a white shirt over a dress and tie it at the front to create a completely different outfit. Also, it’s recommended to wear a statement summery purse (like a raffia bag).
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