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How to Distinguish Between 13 Types of Jeans

Jeans are one of the most popular types of pants on the planet. They are comfortable, practical, and there are so many styles and models that even the pickiest people can find something for themselves.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how to not get perplexed when it comes to types of jeans and how to learn to distinguish between them.

Straight jeans

Straight jeans — are jeans that have a straight cut. They are considered classics and have the same width of the pant leg from thighs to ankles. As a rule, these jeans fit a bit tighter in the upper part than in the bottom of the legs, which is directly connected with the structural features of the leg (the thighs are wider than the ankles).

Slim fit jeans

Slim fit — is a model of jeans that provides a tight fit that follows along with the shape of the body. They are basically made of elastic denim and they fit the body tightly in the area of hips, thighs, and buttocks, and are slightly looser in the lower part.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans differ from the slim fit model by the fact that they fit very tightly all along the body. To ensure a perfect fit, these pants are usually made from elastic material.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans, or loose fit jeans, are normally tight in the upper part only. They can be slightly distressed, worn, and baggy as if your boyfriend had already worn them before you.

Girlfriend jeans

Girlfriend jeans are a bit different and a more sophisticated version of boyfriend jeans. They are normally less baggy and have a straight cut in the thigh and buttock area.

Wide-leg jeans

Wide-leg jeans are a model where the flare starts around the mid-thigh and continues down to a wide leg opening. Unlike flared jeans, which have an hourglass shape, wide-leg jeans go along the leg without a tight fit and have a more triangular shape.

Flared jeans

Flared jeans are normally quite tight on the body in the thigh and buttock area. They start to loosen from the knee area through to the wide-leg opening. The width of the pant leg is much looser than the pant leg of bootcut jeans.

Bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans have a slight tightening of the pant leg from thighs to knees and then slight loosening from knees to ankles. Unlike flared jeans, they don’t necessarily have a tight fit to the body in the thigh and buttock area.

Loose jeans

Loose-fit jeans look a bit baggy and oftentimes they are tight on the waist only. At the same time, they have enough free space along the entire length of the leg. The pant leg can also get a bit narrower at the ankle.


The specific feature of joggers is an elastic band on the waist and on the edge of the bottom-leg opening at the ankle area. Oftentimes, this model of jeans doesn’t have a snug fit on the leg, except at the location of the elastic bands.

Mom jeans

Mom jeans are high-waisted, they have a loose fit around the hips and a narrowing in the ankle area.

Cargo fit

Cargo are a type of jeans with big outer pockets on the pant legs. They have a loose cut and can be baggy.

Damage/Distressed jeans

Damage/Distressed jeans normally don’t have a certain cut. Their specific feature is the presence of rips, tears, and other damage that are of a decorative nature.

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