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How to Distinguish Different Types of Pants

How to Distinguish Different Types of Pants

Most often, we call this item of clothing “trousers” or “pants.” However, there are many different styles of pants that differ from each other in cut, fit, length, and decorative elements.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about how to distinguish different types of pants.

Classic fit pants

Classic fit pants are distinguished by a straight cut, and they are floor length. They sit at the waist, and are neither too loose nor too tight. They may have crease lines. These pants are suitable for everyday wear and for formal office environments.


Afghani trousers are a loose-fitting pair of pants. They have a lot of folds and a low crotch seam which is located at or below the knees. Afghani pants sit at the hips with the help of a wide elastic band. The lower part of the legs also has elastic bands.

Baggy pants

Baggy pants with a low crotch have a loose fit. The legs of the baggy pants gradually narrow down at the bottom. Unlike Afghani pants, this model has a crotch seam that is not as low and there are no folds.


Sirwal are baggy pants with a slightly lowered crotch seam. The pants are ankle-length and are fixed at the bottom with elastic bands, cuffs, or drawstrings.

Bumster pants

Bumster pants sit low on the hips and would be considered low rise. This model became popular thanks to the 1996 collection from British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, where these pants were presented.

Banana pants

These pants are wide in the area of the hips, and get narrow at the bottom. Banana pants often have a high waistline. They can be made from denim or other fabric.

Capri pants

Capri pants are cropped slim pants which most often end at about the middle of the shin. Capri pants are longer than shorts, but shorter than pants.

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are loose cut elongated shorts. Sometimes they come with cuffs at the bottom of the legs. Bermuda shorts can be both beach shorts and street shorts.


Initially, joggers were intended for sports, but now this model is made from different fabrics and is a part of the everyday urban wardrobe. Joggers are wider at the top and get narrow at the bottom, fitting tightly around the ankles. These pants often have either a drawstring waist or an elastic waist.

Cargo pants

These pants have many pockets. Initially, cargo pants were part of military workwear. Then workers found them useful because of the numerous big pockets that were suitable for carrying tools. Today, cargo pants are made from many materials, not only wear-resistant ones, and are good for urban casual wear.


These are trousers that have a straight cut, slightly tapered down to the ankle. As a rule, chinos are made from natural materials. They are equally appropriate for women and men.


Culottes are wide, ankle-revealing pants. They may have crease lines or not.

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are long pants for women with loose and wide legs that widen evenly from the waist to the ankles.

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