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How to Find Out Your T-Shirt Size

Finding the perfect t-shirt is not just about it having a cool design. We at 5-Minute Crafts will tell you exactly what you need to know before buying another one.

1. How your shoulder seams should fit

  • You want them to sit at the very top of your arm, and not extend past it. If they do, it means the shirt is too big. If they don’t reach the end of your shoulder at all, it’s too small.

2. How your sleeves should fit

  • They should hit at the halfway point of your upper arm. If you’re a taller person, wearing sleeves that are slightly longer can look more proportional to you.

3. How the size and tightness should fit

  • The t-shirt shouldn’t be too tight, or too loose.

4. How the length and shape should fit

  • Your t-shirt shouldn’t go any higher than your hips. Instead, it should only cover your waistband and extend a bit past it.
  • As for the shape, try to find a t-shirt that follows the lines of your own body.

5. How to take measurements properly

You’ll need to find out the ideal width and length for this. You can do so by using a tape measure while you wear a t-shirt that fits you perfectly (your favorite t-shirt). Make sure to write down the length to the closest inch or cm, after each measurement.

For width:

  • Measure your shoulders by taking a tape between your vertical seams (opposite of the collar where the sleeves begin). If your shirt doesn’t have vertical seams, do this by guessing where the lines would have started.
  • Then, move to your chest and measure across your chest and then to your back, on the bottom of your vertical shoulder seam. Keep a relaxed posture, and make sure the tape is loose enough to move around.
  • Now, measure your waist by wrapping the tape around its most narrow part.
  • For your hips, measure them around their largest part (this can include your buttocks). The tape is supposed to go where most of your shirts naturally fall.

For length:

  • Measure your shirt’s sleeve from the shoulder seam starting point, until the sleeve ends.
  • As for your overall length, start from the top edge of your neckline seam on the front of the t-shirt, until the very bottom.

6. How to use the size chart

Check the chart above for your t-shirt’s size (inches).

Note: If your numbers don’t match an exact size, round them up to the next one. You may also find other charts online, so keep your measurements in mind.

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