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How to Find Suitable Shoes for a Skirt

If you don’t know what footwear to pair your favorite dress with, our article is here to help you. Midi, mini, flared, maxi — we will look at all the options.

5-Minute Crafts wants to remind you that the advice in this article is just a recommendation because there are no strict rules in the fashion world.

Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is perfect for work and going out. It pairs well with both shoes that have a medium heel and with stilettos.

  • The best option: tall boots (they can be leather ones), high-heeled sandals with straps, loafers.
  • Don’t pair it with: flat shoes.


This type of skirt goes well with a curvy body shape.

  • The best option: gladiator sandals, shoes with closed ankles and open toes, sneakers.
  • Don’t pair it with: flip-flops, slippers, loafers.


Those who have a “pear-shaped” body should give preference to a flared skirt.

  • The best option: high-heeled sandals, high boots, and heels.
  • Don’t pair it with: flats and gladiator sandals.


This type of skirt is universal and suits all body types. Also, it’s pretty easy to choose the right type of shoes for it and you can go for the boldest options.

  • The best option: flats, boots, pumps, and high heels with ankle straps.
  • Don’t pair it with: sandals.

Mini skirt

Mini skirts can also be worn in chilly weather if combined with tall warm boots and warm leggings.

  • The best option: tall boots, shoes, flats, heels, gladiator sandals.
  • Don’t pair it with: snow boots.


A midi skirt visually makes the waist thinner outlining the body’s natural curves. You can pair it with both high-heels or sneakers.

  • The best option: sneakers, boots, chunky heels, strapped or lace-up sandals.
  • Don’t pair it with: flats.


A floor-length skirt is universal — it can be worn with a crop-top and with a long shirt. In order to make your body look proportional, opt for shoes with heels, especially if your skirt is low-waist.

  • The best option: sandals, wedges, flats, ankle boots.
  • Don’t pair it with: gladiators or high boots.
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