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How to Find Your Bracelet Size

There are different shapes and sizes of bracelets, so when you’re choosing one, you need to make sure it fits you perfectly. For this, take your measurements beforehand.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how to find your bracelet size. The first part of the article is for chain bracelets, and the other part is for hard bracelets.

1. Inventory

Depending on the type of measurement you’re taking, you will need:

  • Measuring tape in cm
  • Thick thread or a strip of paper
  • A marker or pen
  • A ruler

2. Determine the size of a chain bracelet or a bracelet with links.

Way № 1: Put the tape around your wrist. Write down the measurement result and add 2 cm. The number will be your bracelet size.

Way № 2: If you don’t have cm tape, put some thick thread around your wrist. Then use a marker to mark the spot where the tip of the thread meets itself. Measure the thread length with a ruler and add 2 cm to the number. The number will be your bracelet size.

You can use a strip of paper if needed and a pen instead of a marker.

3. Determine the size of a hard bracelet.

In order to determine the size of a hard bracelet, you need to measure not the wrist but your hand. Put the thumb to the palm and squeeze your hand, as if you are going to put a bracelet on. Then use tape to measure the width of the wrist in the widest place. The final number is your size.

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