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How to Fold Clothes So That They Take Less Space

Storing clothes correctly is not only necessary for making more free space in the wardrobe, but it also ends up being useful on trips when every inch of space counts.

5-Minute Crafts is going to help you learn to fold clothes in a new way and create a lot of free space.

How to fold a sweater

  1. Put a sweater on an even surface with its back facing upward.
  2. Fold the sleeves by putting them on top of each other near the shoulder blades.
  3. Fold the sides to the center.
  4. Roll up the lower part. You should have a square.
  5. Turn the sweater over.

How to fold a T-shirt

You need a clipboard.

  1. Put a T-shirt on the table with its front facing up.
  2. Put the clipboard on the chest. The upper part should come into contact with the neck.
  3. Fold the sides and put them on top of the clipboard.
  4. Fold the lower part up.
  5. Remove the clipboard and turn the T-shirt over.

How to fold panties

  1. Put the panties in front of you so that the waist is at the bottom.
  2. Make a roll, starting from the waist to the middle.
  3. Turn the panties and fold the ends to the center.
  4. Keep rolling the entire construction until the end.
  5. Roll the end to make an envelope.

How to fold men’s underpants

  1. Put the underpants on the table, front facing up.
  2. Fold the underpants 3 times. Fold the left part to the center and put the right one on the top.
  3. Fold the bottom to the center.
  4. Fold the lower edge and insert it into the waist hole.

How to fold shorts

  1. Fold the shorts in half and put them in front of you.
  2. Fold the middle seam to the center to make a straight line on the side.
  3. Roll the pants threefold, starting from the bottom.
  4. You should have a small rectangle.

How to fold a jacket

  1. Put a jacket in front of you with its front facing you.
  2. Turn a small section inside out from the bottom.
  3. Fold the sleeves by putting them on the chest.
  4. Fold the jacket in half from the top.
  5. Turn the jacket over. Use the section you turned inside out to make a rectangle.

How to fold a skirt

  1. Put a skirt on an even surface, front facing up.
  2. Fold the upper part to the center. If the skirt is long, you can fold it 1/3.
  3. Fold the sides to the center, putting them on top of each other.
  4. Start making a small rectangle, moving to the hem. Leave some space at the bottom.
  5. Fold the lower part so that its part touches the rectangle you made before.
  6. Insert the rolled part into the folded hem. You should have a rectangle.

How to fold a bra

  1. Place a bra with its inside part up.
  2. Connect the clasps from the back.
  3. Fold the fabric on the sides.
  4. Put the cups together.
  5. Put the straps around the cups.
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