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How to Get Rid of Static Electricity on Clothes

The appearance of static electricity on clothes oftentimes bothers those who wear synthetic clothes and use a tumble dryer. As a result of friction, fabrics build up an electric charge, that makes clothes stick to the skin, that electrifies hair, and that makes you feel an unpleasant static electric shock when you touch grounded metal.

We at 5-Minute Crafts have put together a small compilation of methods that can help you get rid of static electricity on clothes and avoid facing this issue in the future.

How to remove static electricity from clothes

  • Rub the inside of the item with a dryer sheet or spray it with distilled water.

  • Put the clothes on and run a metal wire hanger across the items.

  • Apply hand lotion on the skin area that touches clothes or use talc.

  • Wet your hands in water and run them across your clothes. This method is suitable for materials that won’t get ruined when coming into contact with water.

  • Before putting an item on, place it in the freezer for 15 minutes (this method doesn’t work for silk).

  • Apply hairspray on the inside of the item.

  • Attach a safety pin to the inside of the shirt’s collar or to any of its seams. If you are afraid you’ll ruin the fabric, place the pin on the tag.

How to prevent the accumulation of static

  • Use a fabric softener during washes, especially with synthetics.

  • Start washing cycles with tennis balls. Balls made of foil can be a good alternative as well.

  • You can also use a tumble dryer sheet that has antistatic properties.

  • Add a little bit of vinegar into the section for fabric softener before you start a wash cycle.

  • If possible, don’t dry your clothes in the machine, especially if you are washing synthetic fabrics. It’s better to let the clothes dry in the open air. When you use a washing machine, the moisture from fabric evaporates while clothes are rubbing against each other, thus accumulating static electricity.

  • If it’s a frequent issue, you can buy special anti-static sprays or aerosols which are sold in the household cleaning departments of stores that carry these items.

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