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How to Know Your Hat Size

There are several factors you should have in mind when buying a hat. Besides knowing what type of hat suits your face shape, style, and the occasion you need it for, you need to be aware of your hat size. 5-Minute Crafts has got you covered on how to find out your hat size.

Measuring method #1

Measuring your hat size is easy: just take a tape measure made of a flexible material — the kind you use for sewing will do the job. You can also use a string if you feel it’s easier for you. This applies both to men and women. Let’s check the steps:

1. Wrap the tape measure around your head above the ears and above your eyebrows. The widest part of your head would basically be the perfect spot to measure.

⚠️ Important: Do not put the tape measure too low in the back because the head is more narrow in the lower part. Also, make sure to repeat the measuring process several times just to make sure you get an accurate result.

2. Try not to pull the measuring tape too tight because you don’t want to buy a hat that doesn’t give you any extra room. Aim for a finger of space between the hat and your head, as you need a snug fit. Repeat the measuring process several times to make sure you get an accurate result.

❗ In case you used string, match it to the tape measure to find out the result.

Measuring method #2

If you don’t have a tape measure around but you need to find out your size, then try this experimental method. Pick a hat, try it on, and check if it fits you by sticking the finger inside to see how much more room you need. The difference in size is typically 2 cm, which is roughly a finger’s width. Remember that you need a snug fit.

Choosing the right size

After you have finished measuring, check the information below and then consult the chart to find out your hat size:

  • It’s interesting that head shapes and sizes can vary according to the regions we are from. The average hat size for females is considered to be 7¼, or 58 cm, while the male one is 7⅜, or 59 cm. The average female hat size is usually the reference for “one-size-fits-most” (OSFM) hats for women, but they can usually fit up until the XL size unless it is noted differently on the item.

⚠️ Attention: Whether the hat will fit you or not can also depend on the manufacturer, material, or shape of the hat in addition to your hairstyle.

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