How to Make New Things From Old Clothes

If your favorite pair of jeans has a hole somewhere and a thing you ordered online is too big, it’s okay! All you need is a needle and thread, a little bit of free time, and a good imagination to fix the situation and try out your skills as a fashion designer.

We at 5-Minute Crafts love creativity and we support people that try to give a second life to old and useless clothes.

13. Necklace made of jeans

What you’ll need:

  • old jeans

  • fabric glue

  • scissors, seam ripper

  • zipper

How to make it: Cut the denim into strips of the same length and width. Put fabric glue on the inside of each strip and roll them into thick spirals. You can decorate them with beading or rhinestones.

Cut off a back pocket of your jeans and cut off the fabric along the seams, like the photo above shows. Put some fabric glue on it and put the denim spirals on top, close to one another.

Attach the zipper to the edges and it’s done!

12. Short dress made from a long sundress

What you’ll need:

  • long sundress

  • scissors

  • needle and thread

How to make it: Cut the long sundress so that it hits you above the knees. Make a cut on the top to open the neck and cleavage. Remove the sleeves, but leave wide straps. Hem the edges using a needle and thread.

Position a thin belt on the waist to draw attention to this area and wear a white T-shirt under the dress. You have a totally new look now!

11. Nice-looking rolled up sleeves

What you’ll need:

  • sweater with long sleeves

  • thick thread and needle

How to make it: Gather the edge of the sleeve and pierce it with the needle. On the front part, tie the ends of the thread together.

Pull the needle up and make a knot. Done!

Such a cool trick can help you shorten very long sleeves on your sweater.

10. Cocktail dress made from a headscarf

What you’ll need:

  • a large scarf made of stretchy fabric

  • scissors

  • a thin belt

How to make it: In the center of the scarf, cut a big hole for the head and the shoulders, and 2 holes for the arms. You have the base now. Put the dress on and add a belt at the waist. All done!

9. Top made from a T-shirt

What you’ll need:

  • T-shirt

  • scissors

How to make it: Cut off the sleeves and the lower edge near the seams and then cut the edge into thin strips that reach up to the belly button. Then, stretch each strip to make it longer and tie some of them together, like the photo above shows.

If you want, you can add decorative elements like beads or do the same thing to the sleeves.

8. Apron made of old pants

What you’ll need:

  • jeans or other pants made of thick fabric

  • scissors

  • satin ribbons (or any other elastic ribbons)

  • thread and a needle

How to make it: 7-10 inches away from the lower edge of one of the pant legs, cut it along a curved line. Then, separate the back part of the pants with the pockets. Sew the ribbons onto the sides. Make a loop with another ribbon and sew it to the curved piece that you cut from the pant leg, so you can put it around your neck. All done!

The thick fabric will protect you from splashes and burns and the pockets are great for holding the kitchen utensils you need.

7. Quick redesign of oversized pants

What you’ll need:

  • big banana pants

  • regular hairpins

How to make them: Roll up the pant legs twice, so they are cropped. Make a roll and secure it with a hairpin. Repeat with the other pant leg.

You can add a black belt and nice shoes to the look that will make your legs appear longer! Done!

6. Simple top

What you’ll need:

  • a curtain

  • scissors

  • shoelace (extra-long) and a pin

How to make it: Take a piece of curtain that is 10 inches in width and 24 inches in length. Cut it in the middle (lengthwise). Through the upper edges of both halves, thread the shoelace using a pin. Now, put the whole thing on yourself so that the shoelace is on the back of your neck and the halves of the fabric are on your shoulders and cover your breasts.

Put the ends of the shoelace under your arms and tie them together on the back of your neck. Now, cross the fabric under your breasts and tie them at the back. Done!

5. Mat made of cutouts from pants

What you’ll need:

  • denim pants in different colors

  • a base for the mat (a piece of denim, big enough for a mat)

  • fabric glue

  • scissors

How to make it: Cut the pantlegs into strips that are identical in size. Use the glue to attach them to the base of the mat, roll the edges inside, and glue them to the strips. Done!

If you are planning to use the mat in a room with tile or laminate, you can add a non-slip layer.

4. One-shoulder top made of pants

What you’ll need:

  • long pants made of light fabric

  • scissors

  • thread and a needle

How to make it: Cut off one of the pant legs just below the buttocks and hem the edge. Now, arrange it like a top on one shoulder: one part of the pant leg will be the top, the other one will be a long sleeve. Done!

3. Punk bra with rivets

What you’ll need:

  • a bright solid color bra

  • square metal rivets

How to make it: Secure the rivets on the surface of the bra. Done!

2. Quick T-shirt redesign

What you’ll need:

  • T-shirt

  • scissors

How to make it: Using the scissors, make vertical cuts on the chest in the shape of a heart. Pull the strips a bit so the ends curl inside. Now, cut the lower edge of the T-shirt to the level of the belly-button to reveal the belly. Done!

1. Long-sleeved shirt made of pants and a T-shirt

What you’ll need:

  • kids’ pants

  • kids’ T-shirt

  • scissors

  • a needle and thread

How to make it: Measure the length of your child’s arms. From the number you get, subtract the length of the T-shirt sleeves. This is the length you need to cut off and sew to the T-shirt. Now, cut the length you need from the pantleg and sew it to the edge of the T-shirt. Do the same with the other leg. Done!

Bonus № 1: Decorating old shoes

What you’ll need:

  • shoes

  • glue

  • rhinestones of different sizes

How to make them: Put glue on the spots that may have some scratches and attach the rhinestones there. Then, in random order, put other rhinestones around the front part of the shoes. Done!

Bonus № 2: Redesigning old gym shoes

What you’ll need:

  • old white gym shoes

  • permanent markers (black, red, yellow)

How to make them: Use the black marker to color the entire surface of the soles. Draw a pattern along the lower edge of the shoes. Trace around the pattern with the yellow and then with the red markers. Done!

Preview photo credit 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube
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