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How to Make Your Jeans Bigger: 5 Ways

How to Make Your Jeans Bigger: 5 Ways

If your jeans have suddenly shrunk in the waist or hip area, don’t give up. 5-Minute Crafts will show you 5 ways to make them a bit bigger and help them fit you comfortably again.

1. Using water

  • Place your jeans on the floor.
  • Then take a water bottle filled with lukewarm water and spray the area of your jeans that you want to stretch until it’s completely soaked. Don’t forget to do this on both sides of the jeans.
  • Then, stand on the pockets of your jeans and start pulling and stretching the wet area with both hands in all directions, reapplying the water if needed.
  • Do it for about 10 minutes, then let the jeans air dry.

2. Taking a warm bath

  • Put your tight jeans on.
  • Fill a bath with warm water (don’t add any soap) and sit in it while wearing the jeans for about 15 minutes.
  • Take the jeans off and shake as much water from them as possible.
  • Let the jeans air dry on a flat surface or on a hanger.

3. Using a hair dryer

  • Place your jeans on a flat surface.
  • Take a hair dryer and heat your jeans with it, keeping it about 6 inches away from the jeans. Don’t forget to heat the backside of the jeans as well.
  • Then take the jeans in your hands and start pulling and stretching them to the opposite sides.
  • Put your jeans on. If they’re still too tight, repeat the heating and pulling again.

4. Using a hanger

  • Wash your jeans in the washing machine as usual.
  • Then take an ordinary coat hanger and place it in the waistline of your jeans while they’re still wet. Make sure that it’s wide enough to provide a constant stretch.
  • Let the jeans air dry in this way.

5. Adding extra fabric

  • Try your jeans on and determine how many inches you need to add to the waistband.
  • Then rip the side seams of your jeans about 3-4 inches down.
  • Stretch the waistband a bit so that the cuts become V-shaped.
  • Take an extra piece of denim fabric (or any other fabric you like), fold it in half, and place it under the cut.
  • Using a piece of chalk, draw a V on the piece of fabric.
  • The size of the V should be about half the difference between the measurements of your jeans’ waistband and your actual waist.
  • Cut the 2 Vs out of the fabric, but don’t forget to add a 1-inch allowance for each piece.
  • After that, pin one piece of fabric to the cut in your jeans.
  • Stitch the patch in place using a sewing machine or do it manually.
  • Repeat it with the opposite side as well.
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