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How to Remove Pills From Clothes

When pills on clothes just start to appear, they can be easily removed with a sticky roller. However, most often we have to deal with a more serious issue and that’s why easy ways to clean them become ineffective.

5-Minute Crafts looked at 4 ways to remove pills on clothes that can be used with different types of fabrics.

Method #1: Using a razor

An important note: this method is not suitable for fluffy clothes made of angora or mohair. If you try to remove pills from this type of fabric using a razor, there will be a noticeable bald spot left on these clothes in the places where you used the razor.

1. Take a razor. Opt for a not so sharp one so that you don’t ruin the fabric.

2. Lay the item on the table. While holding the fabric, start to “shave” it in the places where the pills are clustered. Don’t press too much so you don’t ruin the product. Move in one direction only.

3. When pills start to collect, remove them with your fingers and continue the cleaning.

Method #2: Cleaning with a toothbrush

1. Take any toothbrush, even a used one. The choice of hardness depends on the delicacy of the fabric.

2. Lay the clothing item on an even surface. Helping yourself with your other hand, stretch the fabric slightly. Tilt the brush at a 45° angle and start scraping the pills off.

3. Try moving the brush both from bottom to top and from top to bottom.

4. Make sure to periodically remove the pills from the toothbrush hair.

Method #3: “Combing out” with a fine-tooth comb

Advice: This method works perfectly for fluffy long wool products.

1. Get a fine-tooth comb, but if the pills are large and the wool is rather long, larger teeth on the comb will work too.

2. Lay the item on a table. Slowly start to move the comb along the surface of the fabric from top to bottom. The tool will get stuck and this is absolutely fine. Pull it carefully and free the comb.

3. Make sure to cleanse the comb after a couple of such movements. After that, continue to remove the pills.

4. If you do everything correctly, not only will the sweater get clean from the pills, but it will also become fluffy and soft again.

Method #4: Using a machine to remove pills

1. Set the necessary mode on the machine depending on the length of the fluff and the density of the fabric. It’s OK if there is no choice of modes — carefully adjusting the degree of pressure will be enough.

2. Lay the item in front of you. It’s not recommended to hold the item, as it will be more difficult to control the pressure, which means it will be easier to damage the fabric.

3. Start removing the pills with circular motions. Don’t press too much or you might end up getting cuts in the fabric.

4. This method is the neatest in terms of cleanliness of the workspace, but don’t forget to clean the appliance, the container with pills, and the blades after the procedure.

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