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How to Sew a Hole in Jeans

Whether it’s a hole in the back pocket, stains you can’t remove, a wrong size, or a broken zipper — none of them are good reasons to throw away a pair of jeans.

5-Minute Crafts offers you 8 ways to bring your old denim clothes back to life.

1. Sew a hole

Way #1: “The Christmas tree”

  1. Take a needle with a long green or multi-colored thread.
  2. Put it through the hole and out again on the lower left, about 0.5 inches away from the hole.
  3. Make the next stitch on the right, 1 inch away from the previous one. Don’t tie the thread as you need to have enough for another stitch that’s about 1.5 inches long.
  4. Put the needle through above the hole so that all 3 holes make a triangle.
  5. Make an arch with the thread.

6. Fix the lower thread with a stitch and pull the needle through the lower-left hole. Then move it to the top of the triangle and make a stitch next to it on the right side.

7. Pull the needle out from the lower right hole and move it to the top of the triangle. Make a stitch on the left side.

8. Keep making new stitches from the lower left side of the triangle to the right side and vice versa.

9. Make the final stitch at the base.

10. Now you have a cute Christmas tree on the back pocket.

Way #2: “The heart”

  1. Get a needle and thread of different colors.
  2. Use a piece of tailor’s chalk to draw a heart around the hole.
  3. Pull the needle from the inside to the outside in the middle of the heart and move it to the base.
  4. Pull the needle back again from the middle of the heart and move it to the previous stitch.
  5. Repeat the stitches from the middle to the sides until the entire picture is visible.
  6. Change the color of the thread from time to time.

2. Shortening long jeans

  1. Take your long jeans and mark the spot where you’re going to cut them.

  2. Draw a diagonal line and 4 half-circles above it.

  3. Cut the pant legs on the half-circles.

  4. Make small cuts around the edge about 0.03 inches away from each other.

  5. Take each pant leg with your hands and rub the edges with the cuts against each other.

  6. Remove any thread that’s sticking out.

3. Painting bright spots

  1. Get your jeans that have a spot on them.

  2. Cover them with half-transparent lace.

  3. Pick out a can of spray paint.

  4. Spray the fabric paint on the jeans over a layer of the lace.

  5. Remove the lace.

  6. Leave the jeans to dry for 2-3 hours.

4. Narrowing the waist

  1. Grab your jeans that are too wide in the waist.

  2. You’ll need a needle and a bright-colored thread. Pull it through from the inside to the outside in the middle of the waist on the right side.

  3. Take a bead and put the needle through it.

  4. String the thread through the bead and place the bead against the fabric.

  5. Make a stitch to the left, about 0.3 inches away. Pull the needle to the outside and add another bead.

6. Repeat with 3 more beads.

7. Pull the needle to the inside and pull the thread lightly to narrow the waist.

8. Fix the thread inside and cut it.

9. Repeat the entire thing on the other side of the jeans.

5. Widening the waist of your jeans

  1. Lay down your narrow pair of jeans.

  2. Turn them inside out.

  3. Cut the jeans on the sides from the waist to the base of the pockets.

  4. Take 2 pieces of thick black fabric.

  5. Fix them above the cuts with pins.

  6. Sew the fabric on the inside with black thread. Cut the leftover fabric.

6. Covering stains with cuts

  1. Get your stained jeans.

  2. Make horizontal cuts along the stain about 1 inch apart from each other.

  3. Take the fabric with both hands and pull it to the sides.

  4. Rub the cuts on each other.

  5. Separate the vertical thread from the horizontal thread.

  6. Remove the vertical thread and keep the horizontal pieces.

7. Making an invisible dart

  1. Take the jeans that are too big at the waist. Fold them on the left. The distance should be measured by whatever makes them comfortable to wear.

  2. Take a needle and some bright double-thread. Pull it from the inside not far from the start of the side pocket. Make several looping stitches upward.

  3. Pull the needle back through the last loop.

  4. Untie the last loop.

  5. Do the same with the other loops.

  6. Fix the thread from the inside on the edges of the seam.

8. Fixing a broken zipper

  1. Get your jeans with a broken zipper.

  2. Find a small metal loop.

  3. Sew it next to the start of the zipper.

  4. Fix the zipper on the loop.

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