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How to Stop Wearing a Bra and Not Violate Any Social Norms

Almost every woman has faced the embarrassing moment where her breasts keep pushing out of her tee or tank top, putting her in a weird situation. After so many hassles, many women choose to go braless to avoid the inconvenience in public. If you’re looking for ways to go braless, 5-Minute Crafts suggests some tips to cover up your chest in nifty ways.

1. Wear thick shirts.

When the fabric is thin, it becomes easy to see the outline of your skin. Thick fabric is heavy and it conceals your body shape. That being said, invest in thick shirts to avoid having to check yourself in the mirror all day long.

2. Put on layers of clothing.

If you don’t have a thick shirt, you can wear one more layer of clothing to hide your nipples. You can try on a jacket or maybe a shawl to reduce the hassle. You can also try wearing an undershirt or a thin tank top under a loose shirt.

3. Try on darker shades of clothing.

You can also opt for multicolored tops with large prints. When you wear a single-colored top, it may direct the attention toward your breasts and make the slightest of changes visible. Hence, multicolored clothing is the best bet. Going for light and pastel-colored clothes is a no-no too. That’s why darker shades are preferable.

4. Keep your hair down.

If the weather is too warm for you and you don’t wish to put on extra layers of clothing, let your hair down. Brush your locks and allow them to fall over your shoulders onto your chest.

5. Wear a bodysuit.

These outfits are stretchy and tight enough to support your body. Shop for bodysuits that come with a higher neckline, as they’ll give you a nice body shape and there won’t be any spillage.

6. Try putting on structured dresses or tops that come with zippers.

Structured clothing has thick fabric, and garments with zipper closures allow you to go braless, giving you a better body shape than bras as well.

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