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How to Tell If Your Trousers Fit Properly

Pants serve as a base for your outfit. Of course, they will be in the background, but their importance is determined by how they affect the other parts of your look. For example, a high rise and a long, straight cut will make you look taller, while the cuffs at the bottom of the legs will make you look shorter.

5-Minute Crafts studied all the different parts of trousers to explain how they should fit.

How the top of your trousers should sit

  • Waistband: It should sit tight enough, but at the same time, it’s important not to put excessive pressure on the waist. It’s bad if you put on a belt and folds form around the waist as a result. In this case, the waistband needs to be taken in. Also, some models have additional sewn-in material that can be let out if the waistband is too tight.
  • Rise: Dress pants should sit at the waist, just below the navel. If the distance from the crotch to the waist is too short, the crotch seam will cut into the body and create discomfort. If the distance is too long, the trousers will fall too low.
  • Crotch: You should be guided by your own comfort level — there should be no pull in the crotch area. At the same time, don’t choose trousers with extra space there, otherwise, your trousers will bulge. Ideally, well-tailored dress pants shouldn’t be too roomy or too tight.

  • Seat: The fit of the seat depends on the circumference of the hips. A sagging or tight fit is a clear sign of a bad choice. To check if the fit is right, put your hands into the front pockets and pull the fabric away from your body. The palms should feel comfortable. If there is more than 1 inch of free space, the seat is too loose. Also, consider the crotch area and try walking with wide strides around the room — if you feel fabric pulling, you need to make the hip area wider.

💡 Consider the pockets. If they’re flared, the fit is too narrow. In addition, it will be difficult to put something bigger than a thin smartphone in them. If the trousers are too wide, then there will be excess fabric on the side seams, and the pockets will be too roomy.

How wide the legs should be

The width of the trousers depends on your personal preference — more traditional men will opt for a wider cut, while those more fashion-forward will opt for a slimmer cut. However, whatever your preferences are, the trousers should be neither too tight to emphasize the curves of your legs nor too large to look like flared pants.

The ideal option is trousers that flatter your silhouette without hindering your movement.

How to choose the proper length

The length is determined by the “break” at the bottom of the legs. The break is the way the bottom of the hemline meets your shoes when you are standing. There are 3 options for the fit.

  • No break: This is a trendy look where the hemline of the trousers doesn’t reach the top of the shoes. Socks, at the same time, will play an important role because they become visible.
  • Partial break: This break includes the quarter and half breaks. Here, a small fold is formed in the front of the leg, which lies on the top of the shoes.
  • Full break: This option is a great choice for a traditional suit, but there is a chance that the legs will look baggy.

The choice of the length of the trousers depends on where you will wear them and what kind of image you want to create. Fashionistas will prefer the first option, while conservative men should consider the third option.

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