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How to Wear Kerchiefs and Scarves

One kerchief or scarf can replace many accessories and dress up almost any look — from beach to business, including evening or sporting events. All you need to know is how to tie this wardrobe item in a cool way.

5-Minute Crafts compiled a list of detailed instructions about how to wear kerchiefs and scarves stylishly and diversely.

Method #1

1. Take a kerchief, fold it in half and place it on your head.

2. Cross the ends of the kerchief, move them back behind your head, and tie them together.

3. Fold the part of the kerchief located on the head down to the neck.

4. Move around the kerchief so that the part that was on the back becomes the front part.

Method #2

1. Throw the kerchief over your shoulder. Leave the shorter end of the kerchief on the right shoulder and the longer one — on the left shoulder.

2. Loosely knot the short end.

3. Fold the long end of the kerchief like an accordion.

4. Carefully loop the accordion-like fold from the cloth through the knot.

5. Tighten the knot and beautifully unfold the fabric flower.

Method #3

1. Fold the kerchief in half and drape it over your shoulders.

2. Pinching the fabric in the middle of both sides, tie a knot in the kerchief.

3. Move the knot on one shoulder.

Method #4

1. Throw a kerchief folded several times over your neck. For this version, you can also use what Emilio Pucci refers to as a twilly scarf — which is just a narrow, long scarf.

2. Loop one of the kerchief’s ends and throw it over your shoulder. Keep 2 fingers in this loop.

3. Then place the second end of the kerchief over the loop diagonally.

4. Later place the second (same) end below the loop and put it over your shoulder.

5. Take the first (loop) end of the kerchief and move it down.

6. Then tighten the second end of the kerchief into the loop.

7. This makes a beautiful knot.

Method #5

1. Take a long scarf and find its middle.

2. Place the middle part of the scarf on the ring, middle, and index fingers of your left hand and twist it, leaving the ends free. Don’t take your fingers out from the loop.

3. Throw the scarf, twisted into a bundle, over the neck, and drag a part of the scarf into the loop so that it forms a kind of bow with the fingers of your left hand. Leave the freely hanging ends on the other side of the loop.

4. Unfold the bow and the ends of the scarf beautifully.

Method #6

1. Place a scarf on your neck so that both of its ends hang freely in front.

2. Throw one of the ends over the neck.

3. Twist the loop that you got with your palm, one time.

4. Loop both free ends of the scarf through the loop.

5. Unfold the knot and the ends of the scarf.

Method #7

1. Take a small scarf and fold it in half so that the front, the brighter side, is inside.

2. Fold the scarf like an accordion from the center of the wide side of the isosceles triangle that you have, to its corner.

3. Make a loose knot in the center of the accordion fold.

4. Find the corners of the scarf in this knot and unfold them. Your knot should open with the front, brighter part, out.

5. Carefully straighten the folds of this knot.

6. Tie the scarf around your neck with the knot facing the front.

Method #8

1. Tie a long scarf around your neck and slide one end over the other.

2. Twist the scarf leaving the ends free.

3. Loop your thumb and index finger into the upper hole of the twist.

4. Roll the twist that you get around your fingers.

5. Partially move a part of the twist into the hole formed with your fingers. The knot that you get should remind you of the center of a flower formed with the help of the twist.

6. Unfold and fluff out the knot and the scarf ends.

Method #9

1. Take a long scarf.

2. Put it around your neck and take one of its ends.

3. Loop the corner of this end through the second end of the scarf and its hanging part.

4. Move the corner of the scarf further between its second end and its hanging part.

5. You’re gorgeous!

Method #10

1. Take a folded kerchief or a narrow silk scarf.

2. Tie a proper knot in the middle of the kerchief.

3. Flip the scarf around your neck so that the knot is located in front and the ends are left on the shoulders.

4. Drape it around your neck and make a knot with the end of the kerchief lying on your left shoulder.

5. Then repeat the same manipulation with the end of the kerchief lying on your right shoulder.

6. Unfold the bow and the knot beautifully.

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