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How to Wear White Pants

A pair of white pants is a nice, versatile piece of clothing that can be styled in different ways and can also be worn all year round. However, sometimes it’s tricky to pull off white jeans because they’re not always flattering, and it’s hard to keep them completely clean (let alone avoid unwanted stains).

5-Minute Crafts will offer some general tips and styling hacks for how to wear white pants the right way, plus some extra advice on how to properly look after them.

1. Follow some initial considerations.

Although white jeans can be super stylish, it can be a little daunting to find the right pair. Read these tips to get you started:

  • Find the perfect fit: You should find a piece that’s neither too tight nor too baggy. Straight-leg white denim is one of the safest options, but you can also style skinny ankle jeans.
  • Choose the right materials: Get jeans made from 100% cotton with minimal stretch so as not to end up with uneven areas; if you prefer a more comfortable option, you can size up or buy a “relaxed” style instead. Also, make sure to buy very thick materials to avoid visible panty lines.
  • Consider the rise: Usually, a high-rise is suggested for wearing white denim, but low-waist jeans can also be an option if you want a baggier look.
  • Style shirts correctly: It’s recommended to mainly wear shirts out since tucking them in adds dimension. In addition, the color of the tee can show through the fabric.

2. How to style white jeans all year round

White jeans might seem more appropriate for hotter weather, but they can be worn throughout all the seasons of the year:

  • Fall: Denim is a sturdy material that will keep you cozy. You can pair white jeans with a long-sleeve T-shirt and an oversized cardigan or go for a gray turtleneck and a black leather biker jacket. Also, style them with high-knee boots or ankle boots.
  • Winter: You can keep things minimalistic by pairing some white denim with turtlenecks and sweaters. Throw in a black coat to achieve a dramatic effect and get an extra layer of warmth. As for accessories, ankle boots and a warm scarf will round out an overall wintery outfit.
  • Spring: White denim goes well with the soft pastel shades of this season. You can dress them up by wearing them with a silk blouse and some wedges, or dress them down with a casual outfit (like a T-shirt, white sneakers, and a lightweight cardigan or jacket).
  • Summer: Stay fresh with a simple tank top and a pair of sandals. If you wish, you can elevate your look by wearing a halter top with some beautifully embellished sandals. The possibilities are endless, and you can even wear cropped white denim for an extra summery touch.

3. Match white jeans with flattering colors.

Being a neutral color, white denim usually goes with everything. However, if you want to put together really nice outfits, you can style white jeans with these colors.

  • A pop of color: White jeans pair nicely with tops in really bright colors. Choose primary colors, such as red, blue, and yellow to add some vibrant statement colors to your outfit.
  • Monochrome look: Pair white jeans with a completely white top (or an off-white one), such as T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. This is one of the tried-and-tested ways to look effortlessly stylish.
  • Nautical style: A winning combo is a horizontal striped shirt in neutral colors styled with white pants. You can go for an edgier look by opting for ripped jeans instead of a classic pair.
  • Experiment with textures: If you prefer a less girly vibe, try combining white denim with a light or dark moto jacket (made from leather or suede). This is an ideal look for a concert or date night.

4. Choose the right underwear.

Visible panty lines are one of the main wardrobe malfunctions that people fear when it comes to white denim. Pay attention to these tricks to avoid this problem.

  • Go for nude pieces: Most people are aware of the fact that black or colorful undies show through some fabrics. However, white isn’t a great option either because it will make clothing look more opaque and, as a result, more visible. Instead, you should always go for nude undergarments, as these pieces will magically blend into your skin.
  • Find appropriate underwear: Another way to minimize the risk of wearing see-through undies is finding pieces that will be virtually invisible. Choose the option that works best for you.
  1. Thongs will feel invisible while also being comfy and subtle.
  2. Seamless briefs have a cut and fit that will ensure they stay in place all day long.
  3. Spanks offer a mid-thigh option for fuller coverage and seamless lines.

5. How to wear white jeans on your period

Some people completely avoid white pants while on their periods, but if you are cautious, you can actually wear them with no fuss. Follow these guidelines to keep rocking them:

  • Select sanitary products: Choose items that are comfortable and trustworthy for you, such as pads (prefer thick and large ones with wings), tampons (they’re less visible, but should be changed often), menstrual cups (they catch the blood), or period underwear (they completely absorb it).
  • Double down on the protection: Even though you should be fine with one type of period protection, you can always prevent stains by combining 2 methods. For example, you can wear a menstrual cup with period underwear to avoid feeling stressed out about leaking.
  • Remove blood stains: If it’s a fresh stain, you should go to a bathroom and wash it immediately with cold water — this will get rid of it pretty easily. However, if you’re dealing with an old bloodstain, soak the white denim in cold water and then simply wash it using detergent.

6. Care for your white pants correctly.

After learning how to style white jeans, it’s also essential to understand how to wash them and look after them. Take notes of these tips to keep your white denim white.

  • Wash your jeans less often: Don’t throw your pants in the wash immediately after wearing them! You can wash your denim every 5 days, which is also great for the environment.
  • Avoid high temperatures with stains: Never use water over 85° to soak your jeans since stains will stay forever. Also, a dryer will essentially bake any stains, so dry them in the sun instead.
  • Treat stains differently: Inkblots should be removed with rubbing alcohol, while coffee and food stains should be cleansed with bar soap, dish soap, or shampoo. If possible, clean these stains quickly to reduce their staying power.
  • Do a steam bath: If you’re dealing with light stains, you can hang your denim in your bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam will loosen the stains while you relax.
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