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The Guide to Neckline Types

The Guide to Neckline Types

The neckline of a piece of clothing is within the portrait zone and lets you draw attention to the face, neck, collarbone, shoulders, and the décolleté. There are different types of necklines to choose from.

5-Minute Crafts made up a guide to help you learn the types of necklines and how they can benefit you.

Asymmetrical neckline

This neckline leaves one shoulder bare, and one strap runs across the opposite shoulder. Asymmetrical necklines look especially good on evening and summer dresses and tops.

Boat neck

This wide neckline runs horizontally, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone. The back is similar to the front.

Cowl neck

The cowl neck has drapes in the neck area. This neckline looks good when the item is made from stretch fabrics or sweater knits.


halterneck is actually a strap of a dress, top, or jumpsuit that runs from the front of the garment around the back of the neck. At the same time, it leaves the upper back uncovered.


Such a neckline is formed by 2 diagonal lines that run from the shoulders and meet on the chest, forming a V. V-necks can be modest or quite revealing. At the same time, the cut can form a trapezium at the bottom.

Illusion neckline

The illusion neckline is a compromise between a low and a high neckline. It combines a low, usually strapless, neckline with semi-transparent fabric or lace along the top part. Thus, the item actually has 2 necklines. This neckline is often seen on wedding dresses.

Square neckline

With a square neckline, there may be sleeves or straps at the shoulder that are straight and keep the elements of the dress in place.

Keyhole neckline

This elegant neckline has a cutout in the shape of a teardrop in the front. At the same time, the “keyhole” can be small or quite deep.

Queen Anne

This neckline is named after Queen Anne. It can be seen on wedding and evening dresses. It’s fashioned in 2 parts: the sweetheart neckline in the front and sleeves or straps at the sides to hold it in place.

Sweetheart neckline

This neckline accentuates the bosom nicely and resembles a heart on the top.

Strapless neckline

This strapless neckline is also called the Carmen neckline, and the sleeves are significantly lower than the shoulders. This neckline reveals and accentuates the shoulders, collar bone, and neck.

Jewel neckline

This neckline sits at the base of the throat. It forms a circle at the top that mirrors the shape of a necklace, hence the name.

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