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What That Diamond-Shaped Patch on Your Backpack Is For

Despite the fact that many people consider that diamond-shaped patch on backpacks just a decorative element, it has a practical meaning.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how you can use that leather patch on your backpack.

Diamond-shaped patches first appeared on climbers’ backpacks and were meant for carrying ice axes. Backpackers would thread a belt or webbing through the slots, hang an ax from it, and secure the overall construction with a tension lock.

Such patches were mainly made of leather, as it’s more cold-resistant than fabric.

Today, these diamond-shaped patches are more of a tribute to the past, though they can still be useful. With their help, you can secure additional items to your backpack and leave more free space inside. For example, by using a carabiner, you can hang a water bottle on your backpack. Or you can tie up a jacket or a chunky sleeping bag to your backpack with the help of twine. You can also tie the shoelaces through the patch to carry a pair of sneakers outside the bag.

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