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What to Do With Your Old Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is one of the most important dresses a woman ever wears. But after the nuptials are done, the outfit is stowed away to gather some dust. Rather than keeping it crammed into a box where no one can appreciate it, you can think about repurposing your wedding dress to cherish it forever. Let 5-Minute Crafts be your guide to accomplish this task.

1. Sell it.

Selling your wedding dress is more like a win-win, as you can earn some extra money and give the outfit to another bride in need. Also, some good wedding dress sellers make sure to sell the gown clean and showcase it as their amazing collection.

2. Donate it to a charity.

There are many charities that accept wedding dresses and even groomsmen tuxedos for helping low-income students with their prom dresses. And some of them accept these dresses, resell them, and use the money for other causes. Another idea is to turn wedding dresses into christening gowns for babies.

If such charities aren’t available, then you can head to the nearest thrift shop and make a local bride-to-be the happiest in the near future.

3. Make it into a ring pillow.

This will make the wedding ring pillow an instant heirloom and extra special. Either you can make the entire pillow with your wedding dress material or buy a pillow and add your own decorations from your gown or veil. If you do the latter, then you can use any part of the dress to decorate it. Just make sure to sew a little piece of ribbon in the middle of the pillow. This part is for attaching the rings.

4. Make a tulle skirt for the flower girl.

This can be done by turning the tulle lining from your wedding dress into a skirt for the flower girl at a family wedding. If your wedding dress is vintage, then you’ll likely find plenty of tulle and lining underneath the gown.

5. Decorate a clutch.

After your wedding, you’ll still be attending many more weddings and events over the years, and for these events, you’ll likely need a fancy clutch with your dresses. So why not use some parts of your wedding dress to make a clutch bag?

This works great with satin dresses or you can also decorate it with pearls. If you don’t wish to have a white or ivory clutch, then you can dye the fabric as well.

6. Turn it into baby blankets.

You can also use your wedding dress as a baby blanket since children love using smooth fabric like silk or satin. In this way, your kid will always hold a piece of you with them. This tip is applicable if the fabric is stronger, like silk or satin, but lace can work here too.

7. Make some Christmas ornaments and stockings.

If you love getting creative with your Christmas ornaments, then you can try taking a few lace pieces from your wedding gown, putting them on Christmas baubles, and hanging them on the Christmas tree.

Another creative project you can work on is creating Christmas stockings out of your wedding dress. Then top them with snowy white fur or red ribbon, and decorate with sequins and embroidery if you wish.

8. Convert it into jewelry.

If you don’t wish to use a lot of fabric from your wedding dress or want to save the rest of it for another project, then you can transform that little piece of fabric into adorable keepsake jewelry. You can save a few pieces of lace or some decorative pieces from your dress, and set them in a way that looks like jewelry. You can make pendants, brooches, earrings, and rings out of it too.

9. Turn it into a tote bag.

Turning your wedding dress into a tote bag is a huge win-win. You can make the most of it and wear it every day. Just make sure to be careful when washing the fabric and the way you will use it so that the bag stays useful without having to get dry-cleaned all the time.

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