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What Types of Skirts There Are

Skirts are one of the oldest garments known to people. They evolved together with fashion, getting new designs. There are so many different styles of skirts out there, that it’s easy to get lost.
5-Minute Crafts has prepared a guide to skirts that will help you to tell them apart and find the best one for yourself.

I. Types of skirts by length.

Firstly, skirts can vary according to their length:

  • Micro-skirt: a very short skirt that barely covers the buttocks.
  • Mini-skirt: a bit longer than a micro-skirt, coming approximately 15 cm above one’s knees.
  • Above knee: the length of the skirt ends just 1-2 inches above the knee.
  • To the knee: classic skirt length that looks appropriate and elegant for any type of event.
  • Below knee: also known as cocktail length. Such a skirt ends just 1-3 inches below the knee.
  • Midi: such a skirt ends in the mid-calf area and fits almost everyone.
  • Long (below mid-calf): longer than a midi-skirt, ending around 10 inches from the floor.
  • Maxi: such a skirt ends in the ankle area. Can be worn on special occasions, to events, and every day.
  • Evening length: also known as a full-length skirt, ending around 1 inch from the floor.
  • Floor-length: this skirt length touches the floor.

II. Types of skirts by fit.

Also, skirts can be identified by their fit:

  • Low-rise: the belt level of such a skirt sits on the hips, approximately 1-2 inches below the belly button. Such a fit allows you to expose the stomach area a bit more.
  • Mid-rise: belt level of such skirts is below the waistline, approximately on the level of the belly button. Looks good on figures of any type.
  • High-rise: belt level of such skirts is right on the natural waistline of a woman. Many classic and traditional skirt styles are high-rise. Such a fit can help to hide some figure imperfections.

III. Types of skirts by style.

  • Pencil skirt: a tight skirt that is fitted at the hem. It will give you a classic, sleek, and professional look.
  • Straight skirt:skirt of different lengths and fits that runs all the way down without any modifications and pleats. It looks similar to pencil skirts, but it is not tight-fitted.
  • A-line skirt: it got its name because its shape resembles the letter “A”. This style of skirt is fitted at the waist and gradually extends to the bottom.
  • Peplum skirt: has a retro vibe to it. It looks similar to a pencil skirt, with an extra piece of fabric added to the waistline.
  • Wrap skirt: usually, it consists of one piece of fabric that is wrapped around the waist. Sometimes, such skirts don’t have seams.
  • Tulip skirt: it got its name because of its beautiful shape — it resembles a tulip bud.
  • Trumpet skirt: another name for this skirt is “a mermaid” or “a fishtail” skirt. It’s a tightly fitted piece that flares near the hem.
  • Circle: a very full skirt, that is made of a circular piece of fabric.
  • Pleated skirt: there are lots of styles of pleated skirts, and their main feature are the pleats, or a single pleat, placed around the waistline or a yoke.
  • Bubble skirt: scrunched at the hem, it got its name because its shape resembles a bubble.
  • Godet skirt: has a close-fitted upper part with godet panels added at the seam around the knee level.
  • Gored skirt: sewn of several (minimum of four) triangle pieces of fabric.
  • Tulle (ballerina) skirt: voluminous skirt made out of several layers of transparent tulle fabric with a band or elastic on top.
  • Layered: such a skirt consists of several layers of ruffed fabric stacked on top of each other.
  • Asymmetric skirt: made of fabrics that have different lengths and the hem.
  • Sarong: a square piece of fabric wrapped around the hips to create a skirt.
  • Handkerchief skirt: a variety of asymmetric skirts. Looks like a handkerchief pinched in the center.
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