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Why We Need Bodysuits, and How to Wear Them

Those who don’t get all the niceties bodysuits bring are simply not aware of them. This clothing element can fit into almost any wardrobe and become a true magic wand.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you about what bodysuits are and the many ways we can wear them.

What bodysuit actually is

A bodysuit is a clothing item that resembles a one-piece swimsuit but is not used for sports or swimming. The styles can differ greatly. Bodysuits can have sleeves or can be sleeveless, they can have a different type of neckline, they can contain various decorative elements, or may have a laconic cut. The fabric used for making this clothing item can be different too. There are bodysuits made of lace, mesh, cotton, nylon, spandex, etc.

The common detail of this clothing item is that its upper part smoothly transitions into the lower part, which ends with panties (they usually have clips or buttons or are just fabric).

Why bodysuits can be so comfortable

1. Bodysuits fit the body well and don’t form folds at the waist, unlike other types of tops that have to be tucked in. They won’t come out of a skirt, trousers, or jeans; you can just put on the bodysuit on and not worry about it sticking out.

2. Bodysuits are universal and can be combined with many different types of clothes. They will look good with clothes of different styles and are suitable for creating both casual and festive looks.

3. Bodysuits help to outline the contours of the body and visually tighten it. With their help, it is easy to focus on the waist and correct problem areas.

4. Bodysuits are clothing items that don’t depend on the season. Thanks to its simple cut, a bodysuit can be used for creating multi-layered looks. It can be worn under a sweater, a jacket, a blazer, or other denser tops. Therefore, this clothing item can be used all year round.

How to wear a bodysuit

Bodysuits go well with almost any bottom piece. It can be worn with skirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, and even under dresses to make your look more interesting.
With a bodysuit, you can make up a daytime or evening outfit. It’s easy to fit it into the dress code or make it part of a festive look.

  • When choosing a bodysuit for everyday wear, pay attention to simple and practical models from elastic textiles. Classical variants go well with jeans and denim shorts and joggers. Add sneakers or low-heeled shoes to them and your look is ready.
  • Bodysuits of muted colors, without bright details, can help create a business ensemble and will look good with a blazer or a bright jacket.
  • When making up a look for a party or date, you can go for a bodysuit made of textured fabrics or with decorative elements (such as lace). Velvet, semi-transparent mesh, and lurex variants will look interesting too. They can be combined with jeans, leather trousers, and skirts of different styles.

Variants of everyday looks with a bodysuit

Variants of evening outfits with bodysuits

  • Wrap bodysuit + black high-waist jeans + massive boots
  • Lace bodysuit or basic bodysuit + pencil skirt + shoes or summer shoes on a high heel
  • Bodysuit with long lace-up sleeves + skinny jeans
  • Bodysuit + jeans or velvet skirt with high waist + massive boots + broad-brim hat
  • Tight-fitting bodysuit + loose pants
  • Bodysuit blouse + straight pants + shoes with pointed toes

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