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10 Crafts You Can Make Using Plastic Bottles

If you have empty plastic bottles of different sizes at home, 5-Minute Crafts will share some ways to reuse them. Instead of throwing them away, try turning them into something useful to decorate or organize your home.

1. Pot

  1. Cut a large plastic container, as shown in the picture above.

  2. Paint the entire plastic surface using a sponge and acrylic paint in the color of your choice. You can decorate it to your liking.

  3. Allow the paint to dry. Then put soil and a plant inside of it. Feel free to hang it or place it on the ground.

2. Storage bucket

  1. With the help of a utility knife, cut the top of a 3 or 4-liter plastic container, as shown in the image.

  2. Make 2 holes on the sides and cover the plastic edges with adhesive tape to avoid hurting yourself when handling the object.

  3. Pass a rope of at least 20 inches through each hole and knot them at each end.

  4. Now you have a bucket to store toys or whatever you need.

3. Adhesive plastic to join pieces

  1. Cut a piece out of a small individual plastic bottle. The size will depend on the area you want to repair and the pieces you’d like to join. Insert it by connecting the broken pieces. Make sure they fit very well together.

  2. With the help of a heat gun, heat the plastic until it shrinks and adheres to the parts.

  3. Let it solidify for a couple of hours before using the repaired furniture.

4. Umbrella carrier

  1. Using a utility knife, remove the bottom of a half-liter or 2-liter plastic bottle.

  2. Drill 2 holes on each side below the cut you just made. Insert a ribbon or rope of at least 20 inches, and tie knots at each end so that it’s well fixed.

  3. Hang the container in your car or where you need it so you can keep your umbrella in a specific place. The carrier will prevent your car from getting wet from a dripping umbrella.

5. Tool organizer

  1. Take a plastic bottle with a handle and cut the front and a piece of the handle, as shown in the picture above.

  2. You can use several identical or similar containers and hang them on a bar or pole inside your garage or the cellar where you keep your tools. This way, you’ll keep them organized in a specific place, and it’ll be ready for you to use at any time.

6. Watering can

  1. You can reuse a bottle as a watering can. Drill small or medium holes on its cap, as shown in the picture above.

  2. Fill the container with water and close it well. Water your plants as usual.

7. Cutting board shelf

  1. Cut a plastic bottle, following the guides indicated on the image.

  2. Leave an opening between the walls of the container; this should have the same measurements as the thickness of your cutting board.

  3. Put your kitchen utensils inside the container. The walls of the container will allow the cutting board to stand still, preventing moisture from damaging it.

8. Gift box

  1. Cut the middle part of 2 small individual plastic bottles.

  2. Flatten its 4 corners equally so that it takes a cube shape. Do the same with the other piece of plastic.

  3. You’ll form 2 cubes; one will fit inside the other.

  4. Decorate the box as you like. Fill it with candies or chocolates for a personalized gift for your friends.

9. Decorative lamp

  1. Cut off the bottom end of a 2-liter plastic bottle. Place liquid glue on its surface and stick a rope or tape of your favorite color to it. The rope or tape should cover the entire surface.

  2. Using a utility knife, detach the upper end and insert a cable with a nozzle for the spotlight.

  3. Place the bulb inside and connect the lamp to check that the connection is working.

  4. You can place your portable lamp on a shelf or decorate your room with it.

10. A bag dispenser

  1. Take an empty plastic bottle and decorate the central part with patterned cloth or paper.

  2. Remove its cap and place liquid glue around the spout. Stick a piece of colored tape on it. On one of the sides, you can put a pair of adhesive hooks to hang your latex gloves.

  3. Hang it in your kitchen with plastic bags inside.

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