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10 Toothpick Tricks That Can Help You Solve Common Problems

Despite being small and seemingly worthless, toothpicks can be used as a top-notch engineering tool to help you overcome some common problems at home. 5-Minute Crafts compiled some of the best uses you can give to these small but versatile pieces of wood.

1. Repair a broken hose.

If your garden hose is broken, this trick will keep you from splashing water every time you water the plants. Start by finding where the hole is, then close the stopcock and insert a toothpick into the hole. Finally, cut the toothpick, leaving just a small piece sticking out.

2. Tighten a loose screw.

To tighten a screw that has loosened on any appliance or piece of furniture in your home without using a screwdriver, you just need to cut a toothpick in half. You can use it to tighten the screw instead of a screwdriver. If the screw is too wide, try using both halves of the toothpick together.

3. Remove the casing from a sausage.

Removing the casing from a sausage can be more difficult than it seems. That’s because of its viscous or slippery consistency. To remove it quickly and easily, insert a toothpick into one of the ends of the sausage and pull it down as if you were peeling a banana.

4. Drain water from a pot.

Prepare a delicious pasta al dente without having to use a strainer. Place a toothpick between the pot and the lid. Then, drain the water by holding the lid firmly with both thumbs. If it’s too hot, use a tea towel to avoid burning your fingers.

5. Seal an open package.

To keep your snacks crispy for longer, use toothpicks to reseal them and keep things fresh in their original packaging. Start by folding the package in half and then run a couple of toothpicks through it above the fold and horizontally. The number of toothpicks you will need depends on the size of the package: the bigger it is, the more toothpicks you’ll have to use to make sure it’s sealed well.

6. Brand snacks according to their ingredients.

If you’re having a party and your guests have food allergies or dietary restrictions, the following tip could help you avoid a nasty situation by preventing them from eating something they shouldn’t. Use edible dyes to dye various toothpicks. Then, use them to mark the snacks according to what ingredients they contain. We recommend that you mark them immediately once they’ve been prepared or taken out of their packaging to avoid any confusion.

7. Clean the shower head.

It is very common for a showerhead to become clogged due to mineral or scale deposits that accumulate over time. To solve this common problem, place the head in a container with vinegar for 10 minutes. Then, use a toothpick to remove the dirt or accumulated scale from the holes.

8. Organize a sewing box.

Sometimes, keeping a sewing box in order can be very difficult and things can get messy very easily. To prevent your thread from getting mixed up, and ultimately tangled, cut a piece of polystyrene in the shape of the container you will be using. Put it in the box and bury several toothpicks in it, depending on the amount of thread you have. This trick will help you to keep your thread organized and make it easier to take out.

9. Clean your smartphone.

If you’re having trouble charging your smartphone, it’s likely that it’s dirty and the charging ports and cables are no longer making contact. Try cleaning the holes by carefully using a toothpick. Remove as much dust or lint as you can before reconnecting it to a power source.

10. Keep a nail or screw fixed in place.

If you want to hang a picture on a wall, but you made a bigger hole than necessary, here is an easy fix. Place one or more toothpicks in the hole and re-insert the nail or screw by tightening it as much as possible. Then, cut off any remaining pieces to prevent them from being seen.

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