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7 Decorations You Can Make to Have a Beautiful, Low-Cost Wedding

When we think about weddings, we often imagine big halls, lots of decorations, bows, and flowers. Organizing elaborate weddings can cost a fortune, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Sometimes, the smallest and most simple decorations can bring more cheer and joy than anything else.

5-Minute Crafts prepared simple yet really unique ways to make decorations and have a very beautiful wedding day without spending too much money.

1. Wedding candy box

What you will need:

🟣 Artificial flowers

🟣 Scissors

🟣 Small plastic containers with caps

🟣 Dry flowers

🟣 Candy

🟣 Wheat

🟣 Ribbon

🟣 Dried pampas leaves

🟣 Super glue

🟣 Step 1: Take the artificial flowers and remove the leaves.

🟣 Step 2: Using scissors, cut the branches near the ends of the flowers.

🟣 Step 3: Unpack the plastic containers and remove the tops.

🟣 Step 4: Add the dried flowers to the containers.

🟣 Step 5: Add the wheat inside the containers.

🟣 Step 6: Next comes the candy — remove the plastic wrappers and put them inside the container.

🟣 Step 7: Close the container with its lid and add 2 pieces of ribbon, making a cross shape. Glue them to the top and sides of the plastic box.

🟣 Step 8: Glue the flowers to both ends of the ribbon and put dried pampas leaves under the ribbon. The wedding candy box is ready!

2. Vase from a bottle

What you will need:

🟣 White glue

🟣 A sponge

🟣 A glass bottle

🟣 Glitter

🟣 Step 1: Take one clear glass bottle and put some white glue on it.

🟣 Step 2: Using a small piece of sponge, tap the glue onto the bottle.

🟣 Step 3: Take glitter of your choice and sprinkle it over the bottle.

🟣 Step 4: Make sure that you’ve covered all the places and, if needed, repeat some places by tapping white glue and more glitter.

🟣 Step 5: Once the first layer of white glue is dry, apply white glue over the layer of glitter. Leave the bottle to dry.

🟣 Step 6: Put flowers inside the vase and place it wherever you want!

3. Candle

What you will need:

🟣 A candle

🟣 Tape

🟣 White glue

🟣 A sponge

🟣 Glitter

🟣 String

🟣 Step 1: Place a piece of tape around the candle, dividing the candle in half.

🟣 Step 2: Using a sponge, tap white glue onto the uncovered portion of the candle.

🟣 Step 3: Take some glitter of your choice and sprinkle it over the glue.

🟣 Step 4: Once the glitter is dry, add one more coat of white glue to the candle.

🟣 Step 5: Carefully remove the tape.

🟣 Step 6: Measure a piece of twine and wrap it over the candle. You can tie it at the end or simply glue it using any kind of glue.

🟣 Step 7: The candle is ready!

4. Slap bracelet corsage

What you will need:

🟣 A white slap bracelet

🟣 Hot glue

🟣 A green artificial flower

🟣 Blue artificial flowers

🟣 Step 1: Open the bracelet and place it on a flat surface.

🟣 Step 2: Glue a green artificial flower onto the middle of the bracelet.

🟣 Step 3: Add 2 more flowers from each side of the green flower and glue them using hot glue.

🟣 Step 4: The bracelets are ready!

5. Slap bracelet corsage with leaves

🟣 Step 1: Open the slap bracelet and glue one branch of artificial leaves.

🟣 Step 2: Using hot glue, stick on the second branch of artificial leaves facing the opposite side of the slap bracelet.

🟣 Step 3: Add flowers to the middle of the bracelet, where the 2 ends of the branches end. Glue them with hot glue.

🟣 Step 4: If you’d like, you can glue more artificial flowers to the left or right. The bracelets are ready!

6. Bridal shoes

What you will need:

🟣 White shoes

🟣 Tape

🟣 Silver glitter glue

🟣 A paintbrush

🟣 Step 1: Take the white shoes and cover their bottoms with tape.

🟣 Step 2: Take silver glitter glue and start painting the shoes.

🟣 Step 3: Remove the tape from the bottoms of the shoes.

🟣 Step 4: The shoes are ready!

7. Decorative staircase holder

What you will need:

🟣 A pool noodle

🟣 White fabric

🟣 Zip ties

🟣 Artificial vine garland

🟣 Artificial flowers

🟣 Step 1: Put the pool noodle on the staircase holder.

🟣 Step 2: Wrap it with white fabric or a white sheet, but make sure to cover the whole pool noodle.

🟣 Step 3: Secure the sheet and the pool noodle with white zip ties.

🟣 Step 4: Wrap the artificial vine garland around the staircase holder.

🟣 Step 5: Add artificial flowers onto the artificial vine garland. You can put on as many as you want in any colors you’d like.

🟣 Step 6: The staircase holder is ready!

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