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7 Useful Sewing Hacks

It often happens that our clothes need a simple fix or 2. However, we do not dare to repair them ourselves for fear of ruining them.

5-Minute Crafts will offer you some simple and useful tricks that you can use when sewing or mending a garment.

1. Putting a zipper on the track

  1. Attach the zipper to the middle of a fork, as shown in the picture.
  2. Then, take the sides of the zipper and pull them through the puller, pulling downward.
  3. Close the zipper while continuing to pull in the same direction.

2. Remove loose threads from clothing

  1. When you notice that your garments are unraveling, it is preferable that you remove the threads to avoid further damage.
  2. Use an eraser — preferably a clean, white eraser. This way you will not soil or stain your garment.
  3. Place it over the threads so that they adhere to it. This way they will come off.
  4. This is a simple method to make threads disappear from your clothes until you can send them to be mended or add a patch or embroidery.

3. Fix stretched sleeves

  1. If you want to adjust sleeves that have become too wide, you can sew all or part of the edge from left to right, following the pattern according to the arrows in the image.
  2. Make a small horizontal stitch on the top layer and then a small horizontal stitch on the bottom layer. These should be “sandwiched,” as shown in the image.
  3. Use as many stitches as necessary depending on how tight you want the sleeves of your garment to be. To finish, pull the thread and tie a knot to prevent fraying.

4. Make equidistant stitches

  1. A very simple trick that could help you a lot when sewing seams that require precision is to measure and mark with ink the distance from one stitch to another on your thumb.
  2. Once this is done, hold the fabric with the hand that has the marked finger, placing your thumb between each stitch while sewing, with the help of your other hand. This will ensure that each stitch is the same distance apart.

5. Prevent thread from getting tangled

  1. Prevent your threads from tangling when sewing with the help of wax or lip balm.
  2. Pass the piece of thread over the product so that it adheres to it. Thanks to this, it will easily enter the fabric when sewing and will not get tangled.

6. Tie a thick knot

  1. Place the thread on the needle and place it on your right index finger.
  2. Secure the thread and needle tightly, using your right thumb to press them together and keep them from moving. Wrap the thread loosely around the needle. The more times you do this, the thicker the knot will be.
  3. Pull the thread with the fingers of your left hand until the knot is complete.

7. Thread a needle

  1. To thread a thick thread through a needle, attach a thinner thread to a coin using tape, forming an ear, as shown in the picture.
  2. Insert the thinner thread into the eye of the needle and then pass the thicker thread through the hole in the thin ear.
  3. Pull the coin from right to left until the strand of thread passes through the eye of the needle.
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