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How to Decorate Desserts

There is no need to be a professional confectioner to decorate cupcakes, cakes, and other desserts in an original manner. We’re offering you some great decorating ideas that won’t require special pastry equipment or rare ingredients.

5-Minute Crafts is sharing the secrets of how to decorate your desserts easily and simply.

Idea #1: with the help of white chocolate

1. Take several pieces of white chocolate.

2. Melt them in a water bath.

3. Add food coloring to the melted chocolate.

4. Stir until the color is smooth.

5. Line a baking sheet with baking paper. Apply 2 tsp of chocolate to some parchment.

6. Spread the chocolate into a wide strip with a brush over the parchment.

7. Let the chocolate dry at room temperature and separate it from the parchment.

8. and 9. Decorate the dessert with colorful chocolate strips.

Idea #2: with the help of marshmallows

1. Make a cake with cream-coated biscuits.

2. and 3. Take a dome-shaped glass bowl and press it into the cake. It’s best if the bowl has thin edges.

4. The bowl should reach the very bottom. Remove the edges that were cut by the bowl and slowly take the bowl off the cake.

5. Spread cream on the dome on all sides.

6. Make an entrance to your future igloo with the help of little marshmallows.

7. Cover the cake with marshmallows from all sides, placing them one next to another. Marshmallows can also be joined together with the help of cake cream. If you want, you can sprinkle the dessert with powdered sugar.

Idea #3: with the help of dark chocolate

1. Fill tablespoons with melted dark chocolate, squeezing it out of a pastry cone.

2. Place the chocolate spoons on a hard surface lined with parchment paper. Cool them down for 10 minutes.

3. Afterward, move the chocolate forward, having separated it from the spoons.

4. Decorate the dessert with the chocolate petals that you’ve created.

Idea #4: with the help of dark chocolate and water

1. Take a jar of cold drinking water and melted dark chocolate in a pastry bottle with a cone.

2. Make chaotic spiral movements with your hand as you squeeze out the chocolate.

3. Take the chocolate spiral out of the water with the help of a fork. Dry it on a paper towel.

4. Decorate the dessert with the chocolate spiral.

Idea #5: with the help of whipped cream

1. Take a clean, empty chip can and make a hole in its bottom with the help of a corkscrew.

2. Fill the can with cream.

3. Immerse an apple into it.

4. and 5. Press the apple with a spoon with a long handle in order to squeeze out the cream onto the tart cake. Fill the entire tart with the cream.

6. Place several strawberries in the center of the tart with cream. Sprinkle coarsely grated chocolate around the strawberries.

Idea #6: with the help of an apple cutter

1. Make a cupcake or muffin coated with a glaze that has not completely cooled down yet.

2. Place an apple cutter on top.

3. Use a teaspoon to add different confectionery sprinkles to each section of the apple cutter.

4. Place candy in the center, like a dragée.

5. Bon appétit!

Idea #7: with the help of caramel and strawberries

1. Remove the strawberry from the stem. Place it on a toothpick and dip it completely in the red caramel.

2. Take the strawberry out of the caramel and keep holding the berry upside down until the caramel dries completely.

3. and 4. Using a toothpick, stick the strawberry into the cake. Make 3 caramelized strawberries to decorate your dessert.

An important note: To avoid possible trauma, make sure to remove the toothpicks from the dessert before serving it.

Idea #8: with the help of red caramel

1. Pour red caramel on a silicone mat for baking.

2. Hang the mat so that the caramel pours down and freezes in such a position. For this, you can use the back of a chair, for example, but you’d better cover the chair with something to keep it from getting dirty. The caramel should drain on both sides of the mat, with even space between the 2 sides at about 1.5 inches.

3. Pour the same caramel on the cake. Place the stiff caramel decoration on the cake — it should resemble a flame.

Idea #9

1. With the help of a confectionery cone, squeeze out some cream (which is colored red with the help of some food dye), on a circle-shaped cake.

2. and 3. Make movements inside the circle with the help of a cutlery knife to make the cream look like a scarlet poppy flower (see the photo).

4. Pour poppy seeds in the center of the flower. Squeeze out some green cream in several places next to the flower in the shape of big dots.

5. Turn the green dots into leaves with the help of the knife.

6. Decorate your cake with numerous similar poppy flowers of different sizes.

Idea #10

1. Take sweet straws and place them on the side of a cake — they will be the future stalks of flowers. Make green leaves from gummies.

2. and 3. Squeeze cream from a confectionery cone in the shape of a flower on top of the sweet straws.

4. Bon appétit!

Idea #11

1. and 2. Take a hard-boiled egg and immerse one of its sides onto melted white chocolate. Do the same thing with several other eggs.

3. Place the eggs in white chocolate into the fridge.

4. After the chocolate freezes, carefully remove it from the eggs.

5. and 6. Make an elegant lotus flower from the petals that you made on top of the cake.

Idea #12

1. Pour the cocoa powder onto a plate.

2. Dip a fork in the cocoa powder.

3. and 4. Press a fork against the sides of the cake to create horizontal and vertical stripes.

5. Bon appétit!

Idea #13: with the help of a chocolate biscuit

1. Get a chocolate biscuit and a bowl.

2. Cut out a circle from the biscuit with the help of a cup.

3. Place the biscuit circle into a cupcake cut in half.

4. Pour yellow cream from a pastry cone onto the bisquit. The yellow cream should resemble a piece of cheese.

5. After this, pour some red cream on top. It should look like ketchup.

6. Squeeze some thick green cream from a confectionery cone on top of all this.

7. Then put on the second half of the cupcake and brush it with honey.

8. Sprinkle with brown sugar.

9. Your sweet “hamburger” is ready!

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