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How to Draw a Dog, Step by Step

You might think that drawing is a skill granted only to a lucky few, but the truth is, by following a few simple steps, anyone (even with no technical knowledge) can draw something as simple as a dog. Granted, your dog won’t be a masterpiece, but it’ll be nice enough for people to be surprised about how good you draw.
5-Minute Crafts will show you how to make a very cute and funny illustration of a dog in no time.

1. Start with the head. To do this, draw a circle first.

2. Now draw parallel lines lengthwise, then, with a faint stroke, make a vertical line that crosses both of these.

3. That’s it for the head. Now draw a rectangle that will later be the back of the dog.

4. Move onto the limbs now. Just draw a few ovals like in the example, also with a faint stroke.

5. Draw the rest of the limbs with dotted strokes.

6. Now add the tail.

7. Let’s go back to the head now. Draw a rectangle with a faint stroke using the parallel lines you first drew as a reference. This will be the muzzle.

8. Add the facial details, such as the dog’s eyes and ears.

9. Now draw its nose.

10. Draw lines between the head and torso. It’s the dog’s neck.

11. Now, using a marker, add the rest of the dog’s details, such as its coat.

12. Erase the guide lines you made at the beginning or just color over them.

13. Your dog is ready!

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