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How to Draw a Shark

It is true that you can learn to draw at any age. You just need a bit of patience, a good example, and proper training to be on the path to your first masterpiece.

We at 5-Minute Crafts think that we should start with the simple things. For example, let’s draw a shark in 2 different styles.

How to draw a realistic shark

  • Divide a sheet of paper into 9 equal parts with thin lines that you can later erase.

  • Mark the location of the future shark.

  • Draw the back and the nose.

  • Below, draw the lines for the belly and the mouth.

  • The body has to be symmetrical.

  • Add the tail as the picture shows.

  • Draw the fins: 1 on the top, 2 on the sides, 3 on the tail.

  • Draw the eyes, the nose, and the gills.

  • Draw the background: it should be blue or green-blue like the sea.

  • Use watercolor.

  • Draw the bottom.

  • Paint the shark blue, and the belly should be light.

  • Add the details.

  • Make the most important lines even brighter.

  • Don’t forget the seaweed and the flowing water.

  • Erase your starting lines.

  • Your picture is done!

How to draw an IKEA shark

  • Divide a sheet of paper into 12 equal rectangles. If you are drawing on paper, all the temporary lines should be quite light.

  • Draw an oval that will soon be the body and the head of the shark.

  • Add 3 more ovals: the 2 on the left will be the marks for the mouth, and the one on the right is the beginning of the tail.

  • Draw circles for the fins.

  • Add a few circles for the details. Look at the plan: they are needed to make all the lines proportional.

  • Start drawing the sea bottom.

  • Draw the body of the shark in using thicker lines.

  • Remove all the secondary lines.

  • Draw the eyes, teeth, gills, and air bubbles.

  • Start painting the picture. At first, pay attention to all the basic colors.

  • Add shadows using darker colors.

  • Paint smaller details.

  • Check to see if all the details, shadows, and lines are drawn well.

  • Remove all the starting lines.

  • Your picture is done!

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