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How to Make a Blanket of Merino Wool

A light and warm Merino wool blanket can easily grace any living room or bedroom. And you don’t even need to have basic knowledge about knitting to make such a blanket. All you need is yarn, your hands, a couple of hours of free time, and our simple guidelines.

5-Minute Crafts will show you a simple way to make a blanket of thick yarn. Don’t worry, you’ll be very happy with the result.

Getting ready

  • You will need yarn made of 100% Merino wool. It’s warm and hypoallergenic.
  • To make a blanket that’s 70 inches by 80 inches, you’ll need 2 to 3 hours and approximately 11 to 13 pounds of yarn. It’s easier to work sitting on the bed or floor.

How to knit a blanket with your hands

Make a starting loop. Take a free end of yarn and make a loop with it. Wrap it around your left hand. The end of the loop should go down while the thread connected to the ball should go to the right. This is your working thread. Take it with your left hand and pass it through the loop.

A knot will form under the loop. Tie it up. Now take the working thread with your right hand and make a new loop.

Pass the second loop through the first one, upward. The loops should be equal in size.

Important: The loops are a bit loose in the photo above to show the process better. Don’t be afraid to tie them tighter.

Take the working thread again and make a new loop. Pass it through the previous one. Repeat your actions until the resulting braid reaches 70 inches in length. This is the size of one of the blanket’s sides.

This is your first column of loops.

When you make the last loop in the braid, go 2 loops down and pass a new loop through the lower one, just as you did before. Previous loops looked upward, while new ones should look downward. This way, the blanket will grow wide.

Go 2 loops down again and pass a new loop through the lower one. Repeat your actions by making new loops until you reach the beginning of the braid.

This is your second column of loops.

After reaching the beginning of the braid, take the working thread again, make a loop with it, and pass it through the last loop of the second column.

Then form a new loop with the working thread and pass it through the neighboring loop from the second column. Repeat your actions until you reach the opposite end. This is your third column. Repeat your actions as you make the following columns until the blanket becomes 80 inches wide.

To connect the threads from different balls of yarn, just tie them. When the blanket is ready, cut the ends off and hide the knots between the loops.

This method of knitting is based on a simple process. You just have to pass new loops through the old ones. As a result, you’ll get a blanket with front and back sides. As not to distort the pattern, don’t twist the loops at their base.

Make the second-to-last column of loops. Take the last 2 loops with your right hand and put the last loop over the second-to-last one. Now pass a new loop through them with your working thread.

Put the resulting loop over the next loop from the previous column and pass a new loop through them. This way, the loops from the last column will turn, and you’ll get a column that will be identical to the first one.

Finally, cut the loose ends off and hide the knots between the loops. You’re all done!

Important: You don’t need to wash the Merino wool blanket. It doesn’t absorb smells or dust. Just shake it out from time to time and steam it.

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