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How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

Preparing a Christmas tree skirt is easy and fun. You only need several tools and a few materials to create a practical masterpiece that will decorate the base of your Christmas tree. Besides featuring presents, the skirt prevents pine needles from falling on your floor and spreading all over your home.

Now, 5-Minute Crafts will show you how to make a Christmas tree skirt quickly.

Materials and tools you need

The tools you need are:

  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • screwdriver
  • A piece of chalk
  • A sewing machine
  • A binder with a 1’’ sewing bracket
  • hammer or something similar
  • A measuring rod (yardstick) punctured with holes below the numbers

Needed materials are:

  • Home decor fabric
  • Acrylic binding tape
  • Polyester or nylon thread

1. Start by creating the pattern of the skirt.

To pattern the Christmas tree skirt, do the following:

  1. Spread the fabric on the floor.
  2. Use a hammer and a screwdriver to fix the yardstick to the fabric’s center.
  3. Use the yardstick to measure 22 inches.
  4. Put a pencil through the respective hole of the yardstick and make a circle to form a 44-inch diameter.

5. Repeat the process to make a 3-inch circle diameter (measure 1.5 inches on the yardstick) in the center.

6. Cut out the fabric along the outer edge with scissors. For now, don’t cut the inner circle.

2. Next, bind the outer edge of the skirt.

The goal here is to do the binding of the fabric’s outer edge.

  1. Set up the thread on the sewing machine.
  2. Calculate the required binding by using the formula above (“d” is the diameter of the circle while “r” stands for radius).
  3. Create a double hem of the binding tape and fix it to the skirt’s circumference by using the sewing machine. Use the binder to fold the binding over the fabric’s edge in the process.
  4. When you make a full circle, reverse around an inch of the beginning portion of the binding and then cut the surplus.

3. Lastly, cut and bind the slit.

Now follow these steps to cut the slit and finish the job.

  1. Fold the Christmas tree skirt in half.
  2. Crease it along the diameter.
  3. Mark the edge with the chalk halfway to the small circle that you made when creating the pattern of the skirt.
  4. Unfold the skirt.

5. Cut along the line with the scissors.

6. Cut out the 3-inch circle that you made when creating the pattern of the skirt.

7. Do the binding of the new edge and the small circle as you did with the outer edge and cut the threads and excess binding.

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