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How to Make a Delicious Bouquet

Contrary to stereotypes, bouquets can be given not only to women but also to men. And bouquets can be beautiful but also delicious if you create them not with flowers but with different foods.

5-Minute Crafts prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you to create your own delicious bouquet.

What you’ll need


  • 2 braids of smoked cheese

  • 10 pieces of barrel-shaped smoked cheese

  • 1 stick of salami

  • 7 long smoked sausages (kabanos)

  • 6 piccolini sausages

  • Pistachios

  • 15 cherry tomatoes

  • A small bottle of Coca-Cola (or any other drink)

  • A branch of a pistachio tree (which you can find in a flower shop)


  • Scissors

  • A cutter

  • A glue gun and sticks

  • Binder twine

  • Duct tape

  • Wooden skewers about 8 inches long

  • Satin ribbons (1-2 types, about 2 feet long each)

  • Double-sided wrapping paper (1-3 types, 3 feet long each)

The building process

1. Cut a salami stick into 2 parts and put each of them on wooden skewers with the cut side up.

2. Place the smoked cheese braids on the wooden skewers tightly. This type of cheese is quite heavy, so use 2 skewers per braid.

3. Put piccolini sausages on the skewers. Don’t press too hard on the skewers to avoid piercing the sausages.

4. Place the barrel-shaped smoked cheese on the skewers.

Important: This type of cheese is very dry and hard, so don’t try to pierce it through — it will break into pieces. Instead, poke a hole in the barrel with a sharp knife and place it on the skewer.

5. Cut the kabanos into loops. If you want to, you can wrap the ends with plastic wrap to protect the wrapping paper from greasy sausage stains.

6. Take the cherry tomatoes and put 3 of them on each skewer. Don’t pierce the top tomato through.

Be careful, soft tomatoes can tear and leak, so use harder cherry tomatoes if possible.

7. Put the ingredients on the skewers aside.

8. Heat your glue gun. Glue the pistachios to a skewer, one at a time, to form a spikelet. Hold each pistachio until the glue sets, which takes a few seconds. Start at the very top and go down, turning the skewer and gluing nuts on both sides alternately.

Important: Make sure that the glue touches only the nutshells.

9. Use duct tape to attach 4 skewers to the soda bottle. Place the skewers at an equal distance from each other to provide balanced support for the bottle.

10. Place the main ingredients of the bouquet on the table in front of you for easier assembling.

11. Start with the bigger elements, gradually adding the smaller elements to them. Place the cola bottle, cheese braids, and salami in the center. Place the ingredients on the different levels to balance the composition. Fix them with duct tape.

12. Add the pistachio spikelets and piccolini sausages to the center of the composition, placing them chaotically. Fix the skewers with duct tape.

13. Fill the gaps with kanabos and barrel-shaped cheese. If necessary, fix them with duct tape too.

14. Add cherry tomatoes to the bouquet, fix them with some duct tape, and put the bouquet aside for awhile.


15. Place the wrapping paper in front of you. Bend a strip about 10 inches wide along the entire length of the sheet and cut it with the cutter. Fold the strip in half, face-up, and set aside.

Option: You can also use a strip of paper in a different, contrasting color. But make sure that the chosen color blends harmoniously into the composition.

16. Put the remaining piece of the paper face up. Place it in a way so it resembles a diamond in shape. Place the bouquet on top and add the pistachio branches to it.

17. Take the strip of paper you prepared earlier. Wrap the bottom part of the bouquet with it.

18. Cut a small piece of twine (about 10 inches long). Tie the bottom of the bouquet that’s covered with paper with it, gently smoothing out the resulting folds.

19. Take the bottom edge of the main paper and fold it into a triangle. Fold the right edge of the wrapper over the center and form small springy folds on it. Do the same thing with the left edge of the paper.

20. Take a satin ribbon and wrap it around the bouquet.


Now that you know how to assemble a delicious bouquet, you can easily change the ingredients and the design or come up with something new.

For decoration, you can use several types of ribbon and paper. You can place the composition in a vase or a basket, or add more vegetables, snacks, or drinks. Your imagination is the limit and you can have fun adjusting things based on the preferences of the person you plan to give the bouquet to.

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