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How to Make a DIY Christmas Tree From Improvised Means

Did you run out of time to buy a Christmas tree, even with the holidays just around the corner? Don’t sweat it, this isn’t even an issue. That’s because you can make a stylish and unique tree from plastic bottles, paper, egg trays, plastic forks, or spoons with your own 2 hands.

5-Minute Crafts is sharing ideas about how to easily and quickly make a Christmas tree from improvised means.

Idea #1

1. Take green cardboard and glue it into the shape of a cone.

2. Glue the brown cardboard as a pipe — it will be your tree’s trunk.

3. Make cuts at one of the brown pipe’s ends.

4. Fold back the cuts and apply glue to them.

5. Join the brown pipe with the green cone by placing it inside the cone using the cuts with the glue side up.

6. Fold the green colored paper in half and cut it into small fringe-like strips, not reaching the fold.

7. Cut the paper from one end to the other.

8. Curl the fringe that you made with the help of scissors.

9. Glue the strip of the fringe to the cone.

10. Keep gluing such strips onto the carton with the large part of the cone facing down.

11. Glue a star to the top of the tree. Decorate the tree with colored confetti, sequins, and beads.

Idea #2

1. Take an egg tray.

2. Separate the bulging pyramids in which the eggs are stored from the base.

3. Cut them into separate petals.

4. Paint the petals with green paint.

5. Apply glue to the base of the petal from the wrong side with a glue gun.

6. Glue the petals that you’ve made onto the cone made of green cardboard, moving from the bottom up.

7. Glue a star to the top of the tree and decorate the rest with balls from colored beads.

Idea #3

1. Make a semicircular cut at one of the wider edges of the cardboard.

2. Cover the even edge with glue.

3. Fold the paper into a cone and glue it together.

4. Take a plastic spoon and cut off half of its handle.

5. Apply glue from a glue gun to the back of the spoon handle.

6. Glue the spoon to the cone.

7 and 8. Keep gluing spoons to the cardboard cone, row after row, in a chess-like order right up to the top of the tree.

9. Cover the tree with green spray paint.

10. Glue a star to its top and wrap the tree with beads.

11. Glue large beads onto the tree to serve as Christmas decorations.

Idea #4

1. In order to make this idea a reality, you’ll need plastic forks and a cone made of white cardboard.

2. Glue the forks to the cone made of the cardboard, moving down up in a chess-like order (reduce the forks’ handles gradually). Glue a golden star to the top.

3. Decorate the tree with beads.

4. Attach small golden stars to the tree — your Christmas beauty is ready!

Idea #5

1. Take green plastic soda bottles of different sizes.

2. Cut off the bottom part of one of the bottles.

3. Cut the plastic bottle into wide strips without reaching the neck.

4. Unfold the plastic strips that you’ve made.

5 and 6. Hold each strip over a candle for a while so that they curl a bit.

Finally, go through steps 2 through 6 with each bottle that you’ve prepared.

7 and 8. Fix a stick to a base and attach the plastic bottle parts you’ve made to it, going from largest to smallest.

8. Place a star on top.

9. Decorate the tree with electric lights and various decorations.

Idea #6

1. Fold a sheet of green cardboard into an accordion fold.

2. Cut both ends of the folded sheet diagonally the way it’s shown in the picture.

3. Tie the accordion-like paper you’ve made in the center with green thread.

4. Unfold the paper on both sides of the thread.

5. Glue the strips of paper on both sides to make a ribbed circle.

6. Make the same circles of different diameters and glue them to each other, starting with the big ones, then moving onto the smaller ones so that you get a Christmas tree.

7. Attach a star to the top of the tree. Decorate the tree with multi-colored pom-poms made of thread.

Idea #7

1. Make a pyramid out of plant garter supports.

2. Fixate the supports with a wire on top.

3. Using a wire, attach the beautiful Lurex packing ribbon to the supports.

4. Fill the entire pyramid with ribbons.

5. Place a star on top. Decorate the tree with a festive garland.

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