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How to Make a DIY Floor Rug

Small stylish rugs make any home comfortable and cozy. Besides, you can make them yourself from materials you have at hand.

5-Minute Crafts describes how to make a rug for your home with your own hands and decorate your room in an unusual way.

1. How to make a rug for the entrance hall

1. Take 30 to 50 feet of thick twisted rope.

2. Apply glue to the end of the rope and start rolling the rope into a circle.

3. Apply glue to the sides of the rope in the process.

4. When the circle reaches about 20 inches in diameter, make one last turn and fix the end of the rope with glue.

5. Apply glue to the surface of the circle you’ve made.

6. Cut out a circle of cardboard the same diameter as the base of the rug and glue them together.

7. Cut off the remaining cardboard.

8. Place duct tape on the rug so that it forms triangles. Get your paints.

9. Paint one triangle yellow. Then leave one blank and paint the next triangle blue, then red, and then green (like in the photo). Remove the duct tape and let the paint dry.

2. How to make a rug for your bedroom

1. Take a fork and wrap some thick, bright-colored woolen thread around it.

2. Take a thread that is about 6 inches long, wrap it around the skein, and tie it in the middle.

3. Remove the skein from the fork and cut its edges.

4. Cut off any protruding threads around the edges of the resulting pompom.

5. Make 100 to 200 similar pompoms in different colors, depending on the diameter of the rug you want to have.

6. Tie them together with the threads that remain at the base of each pompom.

3. How to make a massage rug

1. Take a hard rubber base.

2. Degrease it using acetone.

3. Get pebbles that are white, gray, and yellow shades.

4. Apply glue to one side of each stone.

5. Glue stones around the entire perimeter of the rubber base.

6. Make a pattern according to your taste, alternating dark stones with light ones.

4. How to make a bathroom rug

1. Take an old solid color towel and cut a strip 6 inches wide along the long edge.

2. Take a towel of a different color and also cut off a 6-inch strip.

3. Take an old white towel and do the same as above.

4. Sew the top parts of the strips together.

5. Fold the edges of the top colored strip toward the middle.

6. Pin the edges together.

7. Do the same with the other strips.

8. Braid the resulting strips.

9. Sew the end of the braid with a thick thread.

10. Remove the pins.

11. Start to fold the braid into a circle.

12. Hold the rug while folding, to prevent the center from falling out.

13. Fix the center of the rug with a thread.

14. Sew the end of the braid to the base of the rug with a thick thread.

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