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How to Make a Kite in 5 Steps

Flying a kite is a fun activity for any age. It’s quite easy to build and requires very few materials. And with the help of some fun ideas, 5-Minute Crafts will teach you just how to do it.


  • 1 thin, 8-inch (20 cm) wooden stick
  • 1 thin, 4-inch (10 cm) wooden stick
  • A spool of thin, strong thread
  • 1 sheet of Chinese paper or plastic wrap
  • A glue stick
  • A cutter or scissors

Step 1

  • First, lay the 2 sticks over each other to form a cross.

  • Take the spool of thread and give it several turns in the center until the sticks are securely fastened, then tie a knot and cut the thread.

Step 2

  • Tie each end of the structure with thread so that a diamond structure remains.

Step 3

  • Open the sheet of Chinese paper and place the diamond structure on it.
  • Leave some space of a little bit more than 1 inch (3 cm) from the edge of the paper to the structure, then trim the corners so that you can fold it.

Step 4

  • Run your glue stick along 1 inch beyond each end of the diamond structure and fold the paper toward the thread, making sure it’s well-covered.

Step 5

  • Tie the thread spool from the center well, as this will be what makes your kite fly.

  • You can make a tail of fabric or, with the same Chinese paper, cut out strips that are at least 5 times longer than the size of the kite so that it can fly in a stable way.

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