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How to Make a Paper Cracker

One of the simplest things you can make out of paper is a cracker. You don’t need scissors or glue to make it, just an ordinary sheet of paper. After a series of simple steps, you will have a cracker. You can take it a step further and make a confetti cracker with a toilet paper insert and a balloon.

5-Minute Crafts explains how to make both kinds of crackers with your own hands.

How to make a simple paper cracker

You need:

  • an A4 sheet of paper

Step № 1. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half horizontally and vertically. Unfold the sheet. You will have the fold lines to help you navigate in the next steps.

Step № 2. Fold the corners along the fold line as the photo above shows. Then, fold the entire thing in half (so that the folded ends are on the inside).

Step № 3. If everything is done properly, you will have the exact same thing as the photo shows. Now, press all the folds well.

Step № 4. Turn the future cracker over. Grab the right edge. Open it to make a pocket, like the photo above shows. As a result, the sheet will be square with the splitter ends at the bottom and 2 pockets.

Step № 5. Fold the cracker along the fold line to make a triangle. Again, press all the fold lines. This will impact the quality and how loud the pop will be.

How to play with the cracker: Grab the very edge of the cracker, lift it up, and make a quick swish. You will hear a loud pop. The cracker will most likely lose its shape but you can fold it and use it again. The thicker the paper you use, the louder the pop will be.

How to make a cracker with a balloon and a toilet paper insert

You need:

  • toilet paper insert
  • balloon
  • tape
  • scissors
  • colored paper

Step № 1. Take a balloon and tie its end so that it won’t let the air out. Cut off a piece of the balloon on the opposite side.

Step № 2. Pull the balloon over the paper insert as the photo above shows. Using tape, attach the balloon to the insert. Now, you can decorate the future cracker.

How to play with the cracker: Put some confetti inside the cracker (you can cut it using old magazines). Now, aim the cracker up, pull the end of the balloon and let it go. You will hear a loud pop and the confetti will fly out of the cracker. Reload the cracker and use it again.

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